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What Is Induction Cooking

what is induction cooking
    induction cooking
  • An induction cooker uses a type of induction heating for cooking. It is chiefly distinguished from other common forms of stovetop cooking by the fact that the heat is generated directly in the cooking vessel, as opposed to being generated in the stovetop by electrical coils or burning gas.
    what is
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IMG 5360
2nd September 2009. College Induction day 1.... Incredibly run down...... Stressed - not with college (well I am really).... oh and family life. So when you read my tweets and its coming across college stress.... I'm having a hard time at home which is coming at a bad time..... College is the only thing I can vent about publicly - so I will.... I have a really bad cold. Saw Lottie675 at my college.... 0_0 I couldn't be bothered to go down today.... I can't be bothered to go down tomorrow. Caught a bus to a major town 30 mins away from the college where I spent ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY!!!! Waited there for an hour for my mum to pick me up - she works, so when she picked me up she took me straight to her work base.... There I socialised with all these tutor colleges of my mum, I was polite, however in my little head I just felt like collapsing on the comfy sofa in the creche across the hall.... After eating lunch and discussing my results with complete strangers, oh and two long conversations with my mum and some work people.... I moved to the creche and fell asleep reading Harry Potter 3. Woken up three times due to colleges needing the phone in the room..... I appreciate that its there work place - but when mum has openly told them all I'm asleep - they don't have to laugh and talk as though the person is across the room.... Yes I am miserable...... Family lifes not too good at the moment - and why on earth am I writing this here. Looking forward to college, but its going to be soo stressful.... Just had the talk from mum about how I'll be: Lonely Stressed all the time Tired all the time (unlike some people - people my age if not younger area applying for work ASWELL as college - now thats fair I suppose, its like it at UNI, but I am so worked up about one thing in particular to do with money - why bother working - some say).... Also when it comes to getting to the college, unlike some nuts who can get on the bus at 8:30 in the morning for 9:00 - and at the end of the day, get on at 4:25 and are home by 4:45 - ME!!! - ME!!!! I have no bus in my area! The closest bus is the bus from the town where I went to school..... However, its the first and last stop on the list.... So..... I'll have to be in the town on the bus at 7:30 (bearing in mind 20 mins car travel plus the usual things you have to do in the morning) and I'll be on that ruddy bus till 9:00..... The school is rather unfair in that they don't swap the list around so that the people first on the bus are the first ones off in the evening... Nooo..... I'll be getting off that ruddy bus at: 4:25 to 5:55 - possibly later..... Then theres travel time back to my own home.... 6:15 - then I have to eat or help mum cook etc...... Possibly 30 mins to eat - if its ready when I get home - bus thats rude and inconsiderate to make my mum cook like that... If she cope with my stress by then...... 6:45 - I'm free to do what I want - OH NO.... Stupid coursework/homework/research/painting/reading stupid books for english literature/essays Say I have two hours for school work a night.... (But bearing in mind with art and english it will be considerably more) That takes me to 8:45..... I've just applied for two jobs.... A librairy worker and in a shop up the town.... What about that eh? When do I fit those sodding hours in?!! No time to make/record videos.... No time to socialise - I live no-where near the people going to the college..... Lifes unfair I guess...... Even if mum picks me up at 4:20 - its an 45 min journey (without traffic) to where my brother and sister go to school. I'll be surprised if my brother and sister are still talking to me by Christmas - Gregs not spoken to me properly since Limbo.... And the grants etc.... Its not fair..... None of its fair..... ------------------ I hope things settle down here.
Caged, is a story of almost every laborer working in India, Middle East and most other Asian Countries. The story of their ordeal with the employer, their work and life. The story about how they come and never go back. Almost all of the laborers working at the construction sites are from the regions of Bihar, Rajasthan and Southern India. While half of them come on their own to the metro cities, the other half of them are duped by the agents or the so called placement companies luring with big bucks, accommodation, food and other basic amenities one may ask for. But on reaching these cities, for some after an Economy class Air-Travel, with obvious discriminating eyes of the flight crew, while for others a second class Rail travel like pigs. Find your place. The door, he aisle, under the seat, outside the toilet, inside the toilet. And if there is no more place inside, then on the roof. After the almost tiresome journey, the scenario they get to see is some rickety work of tin sheets, called a Labour Camp. After all there are humans everywhere. So they get to sleep the rest of the day, but not so lucky as its already half past 10 before the dust settles down. The next day begins with the regular induction followed by some work. The wages are set, of course not in acquaintance with what was promised back home. From 135 to 147 a day for 8 Hrs job as officially set by Government, the real figures are somewhat different. But out of options, one can't raise the courage to rebel or even ask for an explanation. Time for some groceries. Get those tins, make a fire, cook your food and follow your way to the darkness, awaiting further darkness. Within a span of few days, they get used to it and in a month or so, they realise that what they are paid is not going to take them anywhere, forget about the family miles away. So like all the other mates, they start making double shifts. That makes it 30 X 2 i.e. 60 days of work in a month. Now there is still is some some hope. But the hope is not enough to run their own errand and supporting their fairly large families. And while trying to live up with it, they cannot afford to go back home for years because there is no respectable savings at the end of the day to take home and live a normal respectable life. So the miseries ends with years of back-breaking work, frequent accidents, even frequent blood selling donations and so on......

what is induction cooking
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