Bramley Cooking Apples

bramley cooking apples
    cooking apples
  • (cooking apple) an apple used primarily in cooking for pies and applesauce etc
  • Bramley is a district in west Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It is an old industrial area and home to a lot of 19th century architecture alongside 20th century council housing in the east and private suburban housing to the west.
  • Malus domestica 'Bramley's Seedling' (commonly known as the Bramley apple, or simply Bramley, Bramleys or Bramley's) is a cultivar of apple which is usually eaten cooked.
  • Bramley is a village and parish in Hampshire, UK. In the 2001 census it had a population of 3,348. It has a village shop, bakery, estate agency, pub (The Bramley Inn) and a railway station. Also, Bramley Camp houses an Army facility where military training and manoeuvres take place.

Apple pie
Apple pie
Jodie has been asking me for weeks to bake her an apple pie; I've never made one before, so I scoured the net for the perfect recipe and having found one that sounded pretty good, I set to work this morning. After it was in the oven, I realised that I'd messed up the ingredients and that the filling was missing half of the required sugar! Luckily for me, it tasted fine (well, actually it tasted amazing!) and had just the slightest hint of tartness from the cooking apples, I think any more sugar would have made it too sweet, so it turned out to be a good mistake!
Toffee Apple Crumble
Toffee Apple Crumble
Just baked: The perfect dessert for an autumnal Dinner or Halloween Feast. Bramley Apples cooked in sticky toffee and topped with a spiced crumble. Need I say more? - Pass the cream!!!! And only ?10 this weekend.

bramley cooking apples
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