PSA Video Test

Don't Text and Drive

Use a copy of a Storyboard template to make a Storyboard for this video.
  1. Open the template.

  2. Under Actions (lower left, black bar) choose "Create a Copy"
  3. Write your name on the Title Slide. Then click "Share" and share it with "bmo" (and choose

  4. Complete each of the "list slides" (Cast, Plot, Scenes, Shots)

  5. Complete "shot slides" for at least 4 shots
    Make sure you enter a SCENE NUMBER, SHOT NUMBER and SHOT TYPE (don't leave it as 1,1)

    Here's a reference page. (HINT: Choose from four of these - two are not in this video)
  1. TS- Tracking Shot: camera moves as person moves
  2. CU - Close-up: person's face, not entire head and neck
  3. MS - Medium-Shot: person doing something; head plus part of body
  4. TS - Two-Shot: two people
  5. CA - Cut-Away: shows an object, rather than a person
  6. CI - Cut-In: show part of a person close up doing something

The first shot slide is already done for you as an example:

WHEN DONE: Conference to check that your test was received, then work on your website or any other unfinished work.