Our Hotmelt Glue Applicator Model #4010 eliminates the time consuming cleanup and maintenance involved with glue guns and sprayers. 

It is the most efficient and reliable method of applying hot melt glue in many packaging and assembly applications. 

These machines use top quality components such as Bison Gear Motors and Watlow Heaters and Thermostats, ensuring years of trouble free service. This bench-top machines is small enough to be easily moved to different locations on the factory floor when the need arises, allowing for more flexibility and efficiency in your processes.

Our other products include:

All our Hotmelt Glue Applicators come with a one-year warranty.

With over 50 years experience designing and building hot melt applicators, we can customize any of these machines to fit your particular needs. If you have a specific application and need further information, please call us at (603) 329-3520 to discuss your requirements in greater detail. We look forward to hearing from you.

Douglas A. Walker


Hotmelt Glue Applicator #4010