Kee Pharma Fir Against Braja Sundar Pradhan EOW

Complaint against Dr. Braja Sunder Pradhan and his associates Sir, The undersigned is the Managing Director of M/s Kee pharma Ltd. which has its registered office at A- 1, Community Centre, Naraina Industrial Area Phase -I New Delhi 110028, India (in short Kee Pharma). We deal in Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic Products. Through cheating, mis-representation, mis-appropriation, fraud, embezzlement, criminal breach of trust, forgery, interpolation and money laundering, our Director Dr. Braja Sundar Pradhan and his wife Mrs. Rashmi Pradhan and his associates (both known/unknown and national/international) have cheated us of amounts in excess of about Rs. 7.50 crores. Facts detailed hereinafter disclose the sinister and insidious modus operendi. Dr. Braja Sundar Pradhan is a scientist by profession. We met him, in or around February-March 2007, and he introduced himself as the Managing Director of M/s Helvetica Industries Pvt. Ltd. (in short Helvetica). He gained our confidence and represented to’us that he was a scientist of repute and was researching and developing patentable processes for preparation of drugs and chemicals which had great commercial value. He was short of funds and wanted us to invest in his Company. We were misled by his representations and claims and In this process we have been been induced to part with aboQt Rs 7.50 crores (including eapi to~, “bans and amounts paid to promote the business of Helvetica) in M/s Helvetica Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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