POLS – call for research projects led by incoming researchers in Polish research organisations

posted May 21, 2020, 11:54 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated May 21, 2020, 11:54 AM ]

The National Science Centre is currently conducting the POLS call for research projects to be carried out by incoming researchers in Polish research institutions or enterprises. Proposals may be submitted by researchers holding at least a PhD degree who have not resided, worked or studied in Poland or managed a research project carried out in Poland for 2 years prior to the call deadline. The objective of the call is to support researcher mobility and the arrival of renowned and promising scientists will serve to boost the research potential of Polish research entities.

The POLS call is funded from the Norway Grants and the budget of the call equals over €7 million. The requested amount of funding for the entire duration of the project must fall between €100,000 and €200,000. Grants may be designated to fund the salary for the research team, depreciation or purchase of research equipment, materials and services, costs of business trips and conferences as well as other project-related costs. The amount of indirect costs is 25% of the funds applied for to complete the project, including the value of research equipment purchased but excluding the sub-contracting costs.
The detailed information on the call can be found at:

The call is open to researchers from all research domains. Proposals must be submitted electronically to the OSF system (osf.opi.org.pl/app/) by 16 June 2020, 4 p.m.

The Centre is organising an info chat during which we will be answering questions concerning the POLS call.
The chat will take place on 28 May 2020 at 12.00 (CEST) and will last for one hour.
The link to the chat will be available in advance through the NCN web site at:

Brain Tumor Meeting 2019 - Berlin

posted Jun 6, 2019, 1:25 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Jun 14, 2019, 2:41 AM ]

Recently, we attanded the Brain Tumor Meeting held in Berlin at The Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. The group had the opportunity to present oral and poster presentations. This gave us opportunity to dissaminate and showcase our research.

Following projects were presented at the meeting:

Bożena Kamińska - 'Development of synthetic peptides targeting glioma-microglia interaction as a new therapeutics.'
Iwona Ciechomska - 'EGFR/FOXO3A/BIM signalling pathway determines chemosensitivity of BMP4-differentiated glioma stem-like cells to temozolomide.'
Aleksandra Ellert-Miklaszewska - 'Expression and function of NFAT (Nuclear Factor of Activated T cells) trancription factors in human gliomas.'
Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk - 'Noverl mutations in the RECQL4 gene contribute to the glioma pathogenesis.'
Sylwia K Król - 'Effects of helicase RECQL4 depletion of human glioma biology and chemosensitivity.'
Maria Pasierbińska - 'Blocking Osteopontin signalling inhibits glioma invasivness ad reduces tumor growth of intracranial human glioma in Nude mice.'
Katarzyna Poleszak - 'The role of tumor-derived Granulocyte Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor (GM-CSF/CSF2) in regulation of microglia-dependent invasion in gliomas.'
Paweł Segit - 'Single-cell RNA-seq of glioma associated microglia and macrophages reveals cell type-specific and sex-specific differences.'
Kacper A Walentynowicz - 'Dissecting tumor associated microglia/macrophages responses in preclinical model of glioblastoma.'
Kamil Wojnicki - 'New insights into the role of BLM helicase in malignant gliomas.'

Ongoing recruitment for PhD position

posted Apr 24, 2019, 6:43 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Apr 24, 2019, 6:44 AM ]

Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology is seeking a motivated individual to join the NGS team, investigating brain tumor and microenvironment cross-talk. Strong interest in cancer research and attention to details required. The candidate will receive full training in sample and library preparation for sequencing. Recently, the laboratory obtained a platform for single cell RNA-sequencing (scRNAseq 10X Genomics) and have state of the art sequencing facility. The laboratory employs wide range of high-throughput methods to investigate molecular changes within the cells of interests. Animal models ranging from syngeneic and xenograft models as well as in vitro models are commonly used within the laboratory.

The candidate is required to have very good spoken and written English, be very motivated and have ‘can do’ attitude. For more details please contact Prof Bożena Kamińska
(b.kaminska [at] nencki.gov.pl).

PERIOD: start in Fall 2019 extends for 4 years

"Compositions and methods for treating glioma" US and Japan patent

posted Mar 18, 2019, 5:26 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Mar 18, 2019, 5:26 AM ]

Prof Kaminska has received a patent for innovative method employing synthetic peptides that block crosstalk between tumor cells and microenvironment for brain tumor therapy. Tumor cells produce various factors that influence surrounding non-tumor cells and transform them into tumor-supporting phenotype. The synthetic peptides target tumor secreting GM-CSF (granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor) and proteins acting through integrin receptors through RGD motifs. Application of these peptides block tumor invasion and growth in vivo.

The recepiant of the patent are Prof. Bożena Kamińska, Dr Małgorzata Sielska, Dr Paweł Wiśniewski, and Dr Aleksandra Ellert-Miklaszewska with ownership to Glia Sp. z o.o. Patent is also under consideration in Europe, Israel, and Canada.

Our integration/workshop retreat

posted Dec 7, 2018, 4:16 PM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Dec 7, 2018, 4:18 PM ]

We have visited Uniejów (nearby Łódź) to take part in the lab integration retreat where we also took part in workshop on statistics for biologists.
During the retreat we were also able to visit local castle and thermal waters. On site we participated in beer tasting and food paring sessions. The statistics workshop was led by Dr Jakub Mieczkowski which was followed by a lively discussion on our day-to-day data analysis.

6-7 December 2018, Uniejów

Post-doc position

posted Nov 27, 2018, 3:37 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Nov 27, 2018, 3:38 AM ]

Post-doctoral position is available in Kaminska's laboratory from January 2019 for 19 months for individuals with a good grounding in molecular biology, methods such as CRISPR mediated genome editing, RNA-sequencing and epigenetics. In particular, a position is available for a person with expertise in epigenetics, especially relating to single cell data generation (ATAC-seq, RNA-seq) etc..

Ideal candidates should be intellectually curious, productive, and enjoy working in a committed team effort to make these important projects succeed. The project is well under way due to the efforts of a dedicated group of post-docs, technicians and grad students.

Applications should be submitted to b.kaminska@nencki.gov.pl;
deadline for submission is December 31, 2019.

Karolia Stępniak awarded ETIUDA grant (NCN)

posted Aug 31, 2018, 6:14 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz

Karolina Stępniak has been awarded Etiuda grant from NCN. The purpose of the grant is to provide financial support for excellent PhD students to encourage scientific mobility and international collaboration.

The project is entitled 'Mapping of open chromatin and histone modifications in human gliomas' and aims to create high resolution map of the regulatory regions in DNA in gliomas. Combination of high-throughput methods, advanced bioinformatic analysis and predictive modelling will create comprehensive and detailed interaction maps of the regulatory regions in gliomas. Availability of samples from low and high grade will allow to identify regions responsible for malignant transformation, progression, and thus potentially prognostic markers. Further confirmation of the genome-wide analysis will be performed at the Friedrich Miescher Institute of Biomedical Research, FMI in Basel, Switzerland in Dr Luca Giorgetti laboratory.

Master Student Recruitment (FNP project) - [enrolled]

posted Aug 27, 2018, 6:17 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Oct 24, 2018, 2:06 AM ]

Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology is seeking a talented Master student to join the FNP TEAM-TECH Core Facility project entitled 'NGS platform for comprehensive diagnostics and personalized therapy in neuro-oncology'.

The candidate should present high motivation to work in science, experience in qPCR, ChIP, Western-Blot, and cell culture. Applicants are expected to have very good English (oral and written).

There is allocated stipend for selected candidate: 1500 PLN/month

Please see attached job description for more details.
Contact: m.maleszewska[at]nencki.gov.pl

HOMING grant for Dr Anna Malik

posted Aug 4, 2018, 4:42 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Aug 4, 2018, 4:42 AM ]

r Anna Malik is joining our group from the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Germany. The HOMING program, financed by The Foundation for Polish Science will allow Dr Malik to work on a project entitled: New proteins important for glia's function: VPS10P-domain containing protein family as a new sorting recepetors in astrocytes and microglia. The main purpose of the HOMING Programme, is to encourage young Polish and foreign researchers working abroad, to develop their careers in Poland.

Dr. Malik will receive a fellowship at the Nencki Institute in the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology headed by prof. Bożena Kamińska-Kaczmarek.
The total budget of the project is 801 420 PLN.

Recruiting Post-doc! - CLOSED

posted Jul 2, 2018, 7:37 AM by Kacper Walentynowicz   [ updated Aug 13, 2018, 11:59 AM ]

The successful candidate will apply and optimize genome- and transcriptome-wide approaches (MNase-/ChIP-/RNA-sequencing,) to study chromatin accessibility and gene regulation using mammalian systems (primary cancer cell lines), carry out validation experiments involving biochemical and molecular biological tools, and participate in the general duties of the team. They will take a strong lead in the project management, as well as data generation, analyses and interpretation, collaborating with other team members. The applicant is expected to report scientific results, by writing scientific papers, attending scientific meetings, and effective communication with peers.

Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant field (up to 7 years after the award), hands-on expertise in molecular and cell biology techniques (e.g. DNA/RNA isolation, PCR, Real-Time PCR, Cloning, Western blotting, immunoprecipitation), as well as in handling primary cells cultures and at least one first author article. The applicant is expected to be able to organize herself/himself, to plan experiments and work independently, but also to feel comfortable as part of a team. Understanding of genome-wide bioinformatics analysis would be an advantage.

The role with commence between September and December 2018. We offer a full-time employment contract for the duration of the project (until September 2021). The position is paid according to the National Cancer Centre salary scheme, which amounts to a monthly net salary ~5,800 PLN. There are no teaching obligations. Possible benefits include a reduced-rate medical care package, and membership in the MultiSport programme. To improve her/his skills on MNase titration series, the successful candidate is expected to take an internship at the laboratory located in Boston (USA).

The closing date for applicants is 10th of August 2018, with possible recruitment decisions being made earlier, depending on the submission of suitable applications.

The application must be in English and should include a 1 page cover letter, CV, a list of publications, and contact information for two references.

Applications should be sent as a single pdf file to u.dziewulska@nencki.gov.pl.

Putting '[post-doc]' into the subject line of the email will ensure that it will be received in the correct email folder.

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