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Dr Chinchu Jayaprakash

I graduated, and received my Ph. D. in Molecular and Cell Biology, from Manipal University, in 2018. My Ph. D. thesis was entitled “Genetic and Epigenetic Studies in Oral Cancer”, and focused on examining differences in
methylation-based effects on the genome of oral cancer-affected and normal individuals using high throughput techniques such as microarray and next-generation sequencing, followed by validation by bisulfite sequencing, and further, to determine the effects of methylation and DNA repair, using oral cancer cell lines as models.

In April 2018, I joined Prof. Kaminska’s lab, at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, as a post doctoral research fellow.

Research Interests:
Epigenetic modulation of genomes, epigenetic characterization of biomarkers, neuroscience, anti-cancer therapy.

Recipient of the Dr. T.M.A. Pai Structured Fellowship for PhD, Manipal University, 2012.

Peer-reviewed Articles:
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Book Chapter:
• Kotambail, A., Bhat, S., Jayaprakash, C., Fernandes, R. C., Varghese, V. K., and Kapaettu, S. 2017. Epigenetics and Human Diseases. Human Genetics. Edited by Sobti RC. p.59-86. Narendra Publishing House, New Delhi.