Karolina Stepniak


I received my Masters degree in biology in 2013 from the University of Warsaw. My Masters thesis referred to RNA metabolism and RNA quality control in Arabidopsis thaliana. Then I went on to start my PhD studies at the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology in 2014.


Research Interest:

I am interested in genome-wide association studies of glioma. I am currently working on the project aiming at identification of the open chromatin areas, epigenetic modifications and gene regulatory networks in gliomas. As glial brain tumors have influence on immune cells which highly infiltrate high grade gliomas, I am also characterizing  features of myeloid cells infiltrating gliomas.


Professional Activities:

Active member of PhD student Council at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology.



Master student fellowship in the TEAM project from the Foundation for Polish Science.


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