Dr Katarzyna Poleszak


I graduated in 2007 from the Warsaw University, Faculty of Biology, specializing in Biotechnology. In 2007-2012 I did my PhD studies at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering in the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology. In 2012-2014, I worked as a scientist at the Laboratory of Biology in the R&D Department of Adamed Group. In 2015 I joined Prof. Kaminska’s laboratory, were currently I work on the project called ‘GLIATOR’, which is focused on developing a new, complex and highly specific therapy for glioblastoma.


Research Interest: 

Cancer biology, cancer therapies, protein-protein and protein-peptide interactions.



Poleszak K, Kaminska KH, Dunin-Horkawicz S, Lupas A, Skowronek KJ, Bujnicki JM. (2012) Delineation of structural domains and identification of functionally important residues in DNA repair enzyme endonuclease VII. Nucleic Acid Research 40(16) pp.8163-74.

Milanowska K, Krwawicz J, Papaj G, Kosinski J, Poleszak K, Lesiak J, Osinska E, Rother K, Bujnicki JM. (2011) REPAIRtoire--a database of DNA repair pathways. Nucleic Acid Research 39:D788-92