Dr Agnieszka Kaczmarczyk


I graduated from the University of Technology in Wroclaw, as MSc in biotechnology (2007). In 2012, I obtained my PhD after completion of the research program in the Cell Biology Laboratory at National University of Irealnd in Galway. Following on, I completed a postdoctoral position at UMR 6301 ISTCT CNRS in Caen, France. The CERVOxy team "Hypoxia, cerebrovascular and tumor pathophysiology" was particularly interested in proposing new therapeutic strategies targeting hypoxia for ischemia and brain tumors, combining multimodal imaging (MRI, PET) and biomarkers for efficacy of treatments. After over a year break in industrial settings, in September 2017, I joined the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology to continue my research career at Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology.

Research interest

Neuroscience, individualized anticancer therapies for brain tumors, drug discovery and clinical diagnostics.


Science Foundation Ireland postgraduate studentship (2007-2011)

The Beckman Fund Scholarship, NUIG 2010


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Cruet-Hennequart S, Villalan S, Kaczmarczyk A, O’Meara E, Sokol AM, Carty MP, 2009. Characterization of the effects of cisplatin and carboplatin on cell cycle progression and  DNAdamage response activation in DNA polymerase eta-deficient human cells. Cell Cycle 8:18, IF=3.95