Inspirational Spiritual Readings

This week's Reading was posted here on 27 September 2020

The Beetle Drive
Inspired writing by David Good

It sounds ridiculous, me going to a beetle drive charity event to raise money for the Women's Institute.  Well, there were a lot of little old ladies there and most of them were on my table, in fact I was the only man in the building and I felt quite vulnerable particularly when they started touching my leg under the table.  I was also mindful of the restricted escape from the table with the strategically positioned Zimmer frames, accompanied by hefty walking sticks.

I was completely outnumbered and really didn't have a clue as to what I was doing, I have never been to a beetle drive before.  They were all so competitive, and they would stop at nothing to pull a fast one and take advantage of my inexperience and lack of knowledge.  I didn't mind at all, it was so amusing to watch their competitiveness, and was quite happy to be the loser and have an uneventful night just blending into the background.   I was very happy to be last as I didn't want to deprive these sweet yet very determined little old ladies from having a great evening out.  I said to spirit it's ok, please arrange it for one of them on my table to win. 

It was so amusing to just sit back and watch how serious they all took the game.  At the end of the evening yes, they won, and I was so happy for them.  However, my name was also called out to my surprise shock and horror.  I had just wanted to blend into the background this evening as I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.  Clearly, I didn't know what I was doing as I came last winning the wooden spoon, everyone laughed and applauded, much to my disgust and embarrassment.  So much for a quiet night in the background but it did make a lot of little old ladies very happy.

We did return for another match sometime after, as it was to raise money for someone we knew to receive cancer treatment.  Just as before, how did I end up with all the little old ladies on my table again.  

I can't remember how we did that evening as events took a sudden change.  I was very consciously aware that the people attending the event did not have a lot of money to spare as the collection pot only consisted of coins.  Before attending that evening, I had decided to make a larger donation, to make up for all the times when I have passed a collection box and didn't put anything in, but I didn't want to embarrass anyone or draw any attention to myself.  I did not tell my wife what I was going to do as I admired her for her ability to always put something in a collection pot wherever she was, because as she always said, it was always for a good cause.  It was only when I had walked past and thought about it that I felt I should have put something in. 

So, I looked around the room to see if I could see a collection tin and could just pop in my donation, but none were to be found.  I made an excuse to leave the table and made my way towards one of the organisers and asked if there was a tin I could make a donation.  "Yes, there's a bowl over there."  "No" I replied "have you got a tin."  "So what's wrong with the bowl?" she said.  This is where it became very awkward and I was reluctant to let her see the note I wanted to discreetly donate.  "That's so generous, I must inform the committee so they can thank you."  "No No" I said, "I just want you to put it in your box with no fuss, promise me you will put this in the tin and not say a word to anyone."  "Well, yes ok" she replied reluctantly.  I have to say I felt good, mission accomplished, well that's what I thought.  A few minutes later I was surrounded by the committee shaking my hand and thanking me for the generous donation.  My wife was asking me awkward questions like what's going on.  "It's ok, I just made a slightly bigger donation than normal, I don't know what all the fuss is about" I replied.

I cannot describe the genuine gratitude I received from the committee, it was truly overwhelming, and I shall never forget that experience. 

These complete strangers made me feel so special, but all I did was give a little money.  Surely I did not deserve such praise.  I believe spirit engineered this situation, so I would experience how rewarding it is to be the giver, and opened my eyes to the valuable and difficult work charities do supported by tireless and selfless volunteers and heroes, who receive little or no recognition for their efforts. 

So remember, it's never too late to donate and help someone, and by doing so you can be assured that those receiving your help will be very grateful for your support, kindness, and compassion.