We at Braintree Christian Spiritualist Church always have healers available, they can help with many ailments, including stress and emotional type issues as well as physical. ....even if you do not believe, they cannot do you any harm so you have nothing to fear. However, Spiritual healers cannot guarantee to heal you, they can only provide energy from Spirit, and it may be that energy helps you to cope with a condition rather than fixing it, this is a complimentary therapy so we would always recommend you see a Doctor.
Absent Healing Book
We at Braintree Christian Spiritualist Church have an absent healing book, and at each Sunday Service we have a healing silence where we send healing thoughts to those in our book.  If you would like any of your loved ones added to our book, let us know, and we will add it for you, or why not come along and enter the name/s yourself.

Sunday Services
Healing is also available free of charge immediately after the Service.