What is a Spiritual Development Circle
A spiritual development circle consists of a group of participants whose collective aim is to develop themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The circle last for about 2 hours and follows a format that includes a variety of different skills to be practised and developed.

The circle format includes two key areas, which are ‘personal development’ and ‘spiritual development’.  Personal development includes developing the ability to think and reason, as well as developing greater emotional understanding.  Spiritual development includes understanding our nature as a human soul and that relationship with the wider universal force.

The circle format allows like-minded individuals to come together to share a sense of unity and to develop their potential as true spiritual beings.  The circle format provides a good foundation to teach non-judgement and tolerance.  Circle participants can also learn more about themselves, which can lead to a greater sense of personal happiness and compassion towards others.

Joining a Spiritual Development Circle
The Church runs a few Spiritual Development Circles for those wanting to develop their psychic abilities, or are just starting out on this path of awareness, or those more experienced, or working/practising mediums.  

Please contact Heather Cremer on 01376 519978 who would be happy to discuss your situation with you and let you know if there are any vacancies that would be suitable for you.  Please note there are always only a limited number of places available.

For further details please contact Heather Cremer on 01376 519978.