Timed Clicker

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 This is my latest creation, Timed Clicker. Simply set the time (up to three digits, so from .01 to 999) and click the Start button. It will give you 5 seconds before it starts the clicking timer so you can position the cursor. Click Stop when done.
Note: The first click event only happens after the countdown cycle, so if you set the time between clicks to 10 seconds, you will have 15 total seconds from the click of Start till the emulated click is given.

This was written up in about in hour (this includes research in the user32 library and relearning Visual Basic). Considering the simple nature of the program, I don’t imagine any bugs popping up. If there are bugs, I’m not responsible for any damage (of course) and if you find them please email me.


Download here: TimedClicker.zip