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The Future Indeed:

Even with the very minor problems I have listed (and the other, even more minor annoyances I have not), this is quite simply the future happening right now. Ubuntu DapperFlight4 is a fresh distribution, and is actually only expected to enter “official” beta-testing in probably another six months. But from what I have seen so far, it has the stability and feature-set to really turn some heads. This is without a doubt my best experience Linux has ever given me, and from the way it is it can only get better.

For those of you that I directly know, ask me for a live demonstration and I will gladly show it to you. For those of you who I do not, visit the first page of this saga and check out Novell’s demonstration video. There, you can see all of the animated effects that I haven’t even really scratched the surface with (capturing animations with screenshots is rather impossible).

Until I discover something new and update this article, here’s one last screenshot showing some of the more advanced features of XGL and compiz all running at once.


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