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Not Perfect:

The only feature that doesn't work from the demo video is the slide-presentation on the top of the cube. Currently, unless I do a CVS compile, I can't get any SVG image on top of the cube. But, honestly, the feature itself appears to be just a hack to be only used in the demonstration. As it is now, it simple allows you to add SVG images to a list and then using two keyboard keys to go back and forth through them. Perhaps someday they can modify the top and bottom to become "super-desktops" that are directly accessible from any of the other virtual desktops. (The system I'm thinking about would be setup as now, where the 4 desktops are arranged to be viewable from one plane. Then, hitting up would spin the cube up, reorienting the face so it's correctly viewable (up is up, otherwise from some virtual desktops it could be up is left, etc.). Hitting down then would spin the cube back down and put you on your last virtual desktop. How these two super-desktops could be used is up to discussion.)

Unfortunately, the whole experience isn't as smooth as I would like. Some things, one particular function, are not available in the drivers yet, so, the effects have to be done in software. The next revision should fix this. I also switched my kernel. By default, Ubuntu installs the regular i386 kernel (which is actually more like an i586 kernel than anything). Having a Pentium 4 with SMT (symmetric multi-threading, the technical name for Intel's HyperThreading, essentially making one processor appear as two to attempt to improve performance), I opted to get the i686-SMP. I kinda crossed my fingers with this update (which was all of one command, sudo apt-get install linux-686-smp) since SMP isn't the same as SMT, but it still worked and now it appears I have two active processors. This little update greatly helped some performance issues, such as dragging a window while something CPU-intensive action is happening.

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