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Showing It Off:

So, to the forums I went. Someone early in the post described the same problem even with a screenshot. I poked around deeper and found that they fixed it by changing the color-depth to 24 bit. For whatever reason, I was running only at 16 bit color. I opened up xorg.conf and changed the color-depth (which was quite a task considering the screen kept getting corrupted when I was trying to type). Save and restart, and I'm back to normal.


I kept poking around with it, and I managed to tweak it a tad. I found an opacity plugin, an option that was missing with the release, and got it working successfully. Changing the opacity of the current window could be done now by <Ctrl><Shift>+mouse wheel. Opaque windows wobble and move just like all other windows. 


The <Alt><Tab> switcher has live-update, so if you go to switch applications, and one is a movie perhaps, the switcher will show the movie in real-time. Holding <Ctrl> while dragging a window will make it "sticky" to other windows or the desktop edge. 


Hit <F12> for the OS X expose feature, where every window shrinks and resizes so all windows on the current desktop can  be viewed at once. Click one of the windows and it gains focus, or hit <F12> again and they'll bounce back. 


I also changed the "in" setting for the cube, so instead of you being outside the cube as it rotates in front of you, the perspective is now that you are inside the cube as it rotates around you.

Another neat feature is the dynamic zoom. While holding down the Windows key (also known as the Super key) and moving the mouse wheel lets you zoom in at where the pointer is. This is a huge plus for the visual impared compared to other systems.

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