Building Rice Academics in Neuroscience

Mission Statement:

BRAiN will foster interdisciplinary community interest in Neuroscience by hosting various events concentrating on the clinical, academic, and social significance of contemporary developments in neuroscience.


Spring 2013:

It's BRAIN Awareness Week Again!  We have posted out our activities for the week in our list serve.  We want EVERYONE to be involved this year!
  • Wednesday 3/13: BRAiN Trivia Night at the RMC (Willy's Pub), 11 pm           Prize - $10 to spend at Willy's Pub!
  • Thursday 3/14: Volunteering at the Health Museum's UT Brain Night for Children, 5-8pm. Volunteers will be manning game booths for children (2 volunteers per booth). Free T-shirt and Dinner included! Please email if you want to volunteer.
  • Friday 3/16: BRAiN Movie Night at Duncan College Movie Room, 7:30-10pm.
  • Saturday 3/17: Capstone Lecture Series at HUMA 119
    Five professors/physicians from the Texas Medical Center are invited to speak to students about their respective neuroscience researches:

    11:00 -11:30AM - Dr.Claudia Robertson ( – “NIRS monitor for hematoma detection” 
    11:30 - 12:00PM - Dr.Hui-lin Pan ( - "Synaptic Plasticity in Chronic pain"
    12:00 - 12:30PM - Dr. Mariella De Biasi ( – “Neurobiology of Addiction”
    12:30 - 1:00PM - Dr. Robia Pautler ( – “Measuring In vivo Axonal Transport with MRI"
    1:00 - 1:30PM - Dr. Katherine Loveland ( – “Autism”
    1:30 - 2: 00PM - Dr. David Eagleman ( "Hearing colors, tasting sounds: the kaleidoscopic brain of Synesthesia"

  • Come out to as many activities as you can! This especially applies to people planning on running for officer positions next year!

Fall 2011
  • Second meeting of the semester was on October 4th. If you didn't make it, check out the slides under the Meetings tab on the left. Thanks Amber for your presentation on mitochondrial dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.
  • Next meeting on Tuesday, November 1st.

  • First general meeting of the year was on Wednesday, August 31. Thanks to everyone who made it! Slides from the meeting are available under the Meetings tab. 
  • Look out for emails regarding Neuroscience talks in the Medical Center.
  • Next general meeting is on Tuesday, October  4th. Hope to see all of you there, we will discuss our plans for Project Pumpkin!

Spring 2011
  • Our first general meeting of the semester is rescheduled to Thursday, February 10, at 9:00 pm in Huma 120 (first floor of the Humanities building, which is between Rayzor Hall and Herring Hall and next to Fondren library) due to supposed-to-be-coming inclement weather!
  • Come meet our officers and learn about exciting neuroscience opportunities at Rice and beyond!
  • Journal papers for discussion this month (as well as archived papers discussed in the past) are available here.
  • Congratulations to the new officers!

  • If you missed our previous meetings, check out the powerpoint from the meeting to learn more about the club and officer responsibilities.
  • Sign up for BRAiN by subscribing for the list serv! Click -->  Rice Mailman


March 14, 2011 - March 20, 2011

"Brain Awareness Week (BAW) is the global campaign to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. Every March BAW unites the efforts of universities, hospitals, patient groups, government agencies, schools, service organizations, and professional associations worldwide in a week-long celebration of the brain." - National Brain Awareness Week Campaign 

Schedule of Events: [TBD]
If you would like to help us plan Brain Awareness Week this year, please email us at

  • Check out the videos we watched at the study break in Spring 2010:

           Phantom Limbs

March 9, 2010 - March 13, 2010

Schedule of Events:

** Please RSVP for the Lecture Series event here to guarantee free lunch **

Tuesday March 9, 2010

  Lab tour to Dr. David Eagleman's Neuroimaging Lab at 4 pm
  We can only accommodate 12 people on this tour. We will meet at the Sid Rich lobby at 3:30 pm and head over the BCM. If you know for sure you would like to come, please email If more than 12 people are interested, than we will try and do two trips.
Come buy BRAiN T-shirts at the RMC from 12pm - 2 pm! They look really awesome and are $10.

Wednesday March 10, 2010

  Trivia Night: Brainiacs
  8 pm at Kelly Lounge
  Test your brain and win some fun prizes! There will be snacks!

Thursday March 11, 2010

  Ethics of the Brain: The brain in a coma, persistent vegetative state, and locked in syndrome 
  8 pm Farnsworth Pavilion
  Speaker: Dr. Joseph Kass; BCM assistant Professor of Neurology and Chief of Neurology Service at Ben Taub General Hospital
  Guest Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Swindell; BCM Assistant Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics with the Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy
 Come buy BRAiN T-shirts at the RMC from 11 am - 1 pm!

Friday March 12, 2010

   Movie Night: Requiem for a Dream (rated R)
   8 pm at Herring 100
   Learn about the biological and social basis of drug addiction and watch an amazing film! There will be snacks!

Saturday March 13, 2010

  1st Annual Brain Awareness Week Lecture Series: Frontiers of Neuroscience 
  11 am - 2:30 pm Farnsworth Pavilion (Please register here to guarantee free lunch)

   - Dr. Michael Friedlander
   Chair of Neuroscience Department at BCM
   Individual cellular differences in plasticity behaviors within the visual corte

   - Dr. Mariella De Biasi
   Neuroscience Department at BCM
   Unveiling the mechanisms of nicotine addiction

   - Dr. Joanna Jankowsky
   Neuroscience and Neurology Department at BCM
   How transgenic mice may help Generation Z avoid Alzheimer’s disease

   - Dr. Wei Ji Ma
   Neuroscience Department BCM
   When perception goes wrong, and what it teaches us about the brain
   - Dr. Steve Cox
   Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University
   Finding Hebbian Cell Assemblies in Large Neuronal Circuits

  *Special Presentation by TaTGAP High School Students

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