Brain & Emotion

The last decade has witnessed a surge of interest in understanding the neural bases of emotion. Neuroscience provides a unique set of tools that can be used to understand the mechanisms that subserve a great variety of emotion processes, such as the subjective experience of emotion, emotion regulation, and the understanding of emotion in others.

The goal of this pre-conference is to highlight new findings from cutting edge research on the brain basis of emotion. An additional goal of the pre-conference is to explore why neuroscientific methods are particularly well suited to study emotion. To that end, speakers will not only present their research findings, but also address what unique contributions their methods make to the science of emotion. We intend for the meeting to be equally accessible and engaging to an audience both with and without a neuroscience background. 

We invite submissions for short 'blitz' talks. See the Blitz section for more information. 

Keynote speakers:

Lawrence BarsalouEmory University

Karin RoelofsRadboud University Nijmegen

Short talk speakers:

Kristen LindquistUniversity of North Carolina

Andreas Olsson; Karolinska Institutet 

Katerina Fotopoulou; University College London  

Eliza Bliss-MoreauUniversity of California, Davis

Suzanne OosterwijkUniversity of Amsterdam