The Brain 4 Maths study 

The research study is conducted by the University of Oxford and funded by the European Research Council within the European Union’s FP7 Programme (grant agreement No. 338065).

We are recruiting children aged 6 and 14 years old and first year A-Level students (particularly male students of any subjects, and  female students who are studying maths) 

Your involvement will help us to examine the cognitive and biological factors affecting mathematical learning and achievement - and how this develops in childhood and young adulthood. 

Register interest and we will send an information sheet: 
Contact us here phone 01865 271414 
email the study team  or text PARTICIPATE to 07464 755010 

What is involved?
Before taking part, it is important to understand what the study is about and what it involves. 
We will send you a participant information sheet. If you/your child wish to take, we will hold a telephone screening to make it sure it is fine for you/your child to take part and have a MRI scan.

The study involves two research sessions:
  • a safe brain scan 
  • session of puzzles and games (we call it a behavioural session)
It is a longitudinal study and we will invite participants to complete the sessions again in 2 years (children) or 18 months (A-Level students & undergraduates).  

What is it like to have a scan? 
Check out our Spring newsletter to hear from one of our 10 year old participants and our Autumn newsletter (Coming Soon!) to hear from an A-Level participants. The About MRI page provides information about having an MRI scan, how MRI works and a sound clip of a scanner.

Where do the sessions take place?

In Oxford, UK. The scan is at the FMRIB Centre (by JR Hospital) and behavioural session takes place at the New Richards Building on the Old Road campus. 

The Brain 4 Maths study has received ethical approval (CUREC Reference MS-IDREC-C2-2015-016). It is conducted by the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, and funded by the European Research Council

How do I get involved, or find out more? 
Contact us here phone 01865 271414 
Email the study team  or text PARTICIPATE to 07464 755010