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Teaching Tools for Braille Instructors

Ever wondered where your teacher store was? There are some great resources, but some days I just wish I could walk into a teacher store that has everything I need for my students who are learning braille. But "necessity is the mother of invention" and so came to be the resources I'd like to share with you.

Beginning Braille© Supplemental Braille Instructional Materials

Available from Exceptional Teaching, Inc.

Bee Bop Braille© Teaching the Code through Categories

Categorized Braille Resource Cards©

American English Braille code cards categorized for instructional use

Rhythm's Oh So Sweet Braille Just Can't be Beat©

Braille Songs and Rhythms to get your students grooving to braille. NOW with new songs!

Check out Braille Innovations' YouTube channel!

Braille Innovations

Armed with Knowledge©

Teaching your School Team about Blindness and Visual Impairment

Power Point Resource for Presentations Now with more resources!

Quick Braille©

an Introductory Course for American English Braille, Nemeth, and changes with UEB.

for use as a beginning braille training program for the sighted

NEW!! File Folder Games

Visit Teachers Pay Teachers for easy to download and create file folder games to use with students learning braille. Games available so far include: Apple A Shortforms, Bee B Shortforms, Prepositions, Braille People, Alphabet, Braille Music Note Values, and Mighty Man Dot 5.

Materials are available for purchase at