Orari River

The Orari River is a river of the south Canterbury Region of New Zealand's South Island. It rises to the northwest of the Four Peaks Range, initially flowing north then east to circumnavigate the range before flowing southwest across the Canterbury Plains. The towns of Geraldine and Orari are both located close to its banks. The Orari River reaches the Pacific Ocean eight kilometres east of Temuka.
In May 2005, a public meeting held in Geraldine resolved that a management strategy was needed for the Orari River and its catchment, from its headwaters to the sea. The community, with support from Environment Canterbury and NZ Landcare Trust, spent three years creating the Strategy.

The Strategy was approved by the community in a public meeting held in March 2008.

What is the Orari River Catchment Management Strategy?

  • It is a vision for the future, and a detailed set of actions aimed to achieve this vision
  • It has been drafted by the community and finetuned by an elected committee of community representatives
  • It is non-statutory, i.e. it has no legal standing and cannot be enforced. It depends on goodwill, co-operation, participation, and commitment from those identified as responsible for carrying out the actions
  • It is a “living document” and will be reviewed regularly as new information and insights become available.

What is the focus of the Strategy?

  • Pest and weed control
  • Landscape values and ecological protection
  • Flood and gravel management
  • Water quality and quantity
  • Education, recreation and access
  • Economic use and development
Orari River Environmental Flow Review

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