Welcome to Brahui Language Board!
In consensus with the various Brahui literary forums and research organizations, the Department of Brahui, at University of Balochistan, Quetta made the historic move of establishing a Brahui Language Board on November 29, 2008 to address the various issues concerning the standardization of Brahui language. 

Brahui Language Board has been formed to tackle the following issues:
  • To re-design the Brahui script/orthography. 
  • To standardize the most famous/frequently used dialect. 
  • To introduce new terminology, publish Brahui dictionary and publication of Balochistanica in Brahui language.
  • To seek consensus for adaptation of the roman script as the re-designed/new script to be utilized for Brahui language, keeping in view that it is comprehensive and more adoptable.
  • To design the language/certificate courses for new learners.
  • To launch advocacy campaigns for utilization of Brahui as the language of instruction at primary level and to design curriculum for such purpose.

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