Love Links us to God

Posted on Jan 5, 2012:

(a discussion on love being an essential ingredient to
link us to God)

One will find it easier to
link oneself to God if the virtues, and not the vices, were in the emerged state. If the vices were in an emerged state, one would be battling with them in order to go beyond into the soul-conscious stage. One may not be victorious in this battle against the vices. If one was not victorious in this battle, against the vices, one cannot go beyond so as to establish one's link to God. So, one should keep the vices away by keeping the virtues in an emerged state. Among the virtues, love is the most powerful tool/feeling that can help one to easily establish one's link to God.

If one does not have the feelings of love for God, in an emerged state, one will find it very difficult to establish and stay linked to God. When we begin our effort-making, to establish our link to God, we have to emerge our deep and powerful feelings of love for God. These feelings, of love for God, are there deep within us. We have to just have the thought that we are in love with God and those feelings will emerge, from deep within us, so as to establish our link to God.

To easily establish one's link to God, one has to have love for God. This is similar to how we can easily get linked and stay linked to our loved ones (like our children, wives, husbands etc) because our love for them is in an emerged state. Since we are linked to them, we are able to subtly know and understand their feelings. We will also be able to know if they are in trouble etc because of the feelings of love which we have for them. But we do not get any great benefit through being linked to human souls. We get a multimillion-fold benefit if we are linked to God, during the Confluence Age. Thus, it is better to have 'love for God', in an emerged state, instead of love for human souls.

We can use any relationship to experience the feelings of deep, powerful love for God. For example, we can see God as our Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Child, Beloved, Friend, Sister, Brother etc. We can also use any of the Confluence Aged deity roles so as to establish the relationship with God. If we see ourselves as the Hindu god Ganesha, then God is our Father (as per the myth and BK spiritual knowledge). If we see ourselves as Parvati, then God is our Husband (as per the myth and BK spiritual knowledge).

One can establish any kind of relationship with
God while beginning one's effort-making. Establishing the relationship, with God, will help one to emerge the love for God from deep within one. However, one will find it easier to emerge one's love for God when one sees oneself as the wife of God or as the fiancee of God. This was also a reason why, in the myths, the deity souls were portrayed as the wives of God.

If one was a man, one might prefer to see
God as his wife instead of his husband. One can do this. But then, one can get caught up with the vices when one sees oneself as the dominating partner. It is easier to surrender, if one sees oneself as the one who is supposed to surrender oneself to the other. It is essential to surrender oneself to God too, so as to easily get linked to God. Our thoughts and feelings can make things happen. So, it is better to use relationships that will help us to have the appropriate feelings.

We should also remember/churn the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge, which God has given us, with love that it is from God (the One who we love). Contemplating/churning on the Confluence Aged spiritual knowledge will help us to establish our link to God. But when we have 'love for God' in an emerged state, while we are contemplating/churning on the spiritual knowledge, we will get linked to God more easily. This is why it is essential to have the feeling that the spiritual knowledge, which we are contemplating/churning on, is from the One (God) who we love.

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