How to Meditate to Feel Refreshed

Thu, Mar 31 2011 02:16pm MHT 1

During a session of continuous spiritual effort-making, one would find that there can be ups and downs in one's stage. We usually start with a low stage. Then, we make spiritual effort to attain a high stage. And we enjoy that high stage for a split second. Then, we enjoy the effects of that for sometime because it takes sometime for the stage to drop. If one immediately tried to make effort again (soon after the first experience), one can immediately go into another split second experience again. Through doing this, one can keep enjoying a good stage for a continuous long period. However, the problems emerge when the vices, memories etc (body-consciousness) begin to try to re-gain control. Then, one might be battling with the vices etc. If one stopped meditating because one was finding it difficult to win a battle with the vices etc, one might be continuing with whatever one is doing (in the corporeal world) in an exhausted and tired manner (like as if one has just walked out of a battle-field). Instead, if one stops the effort-making when one's stage is good, one will continue doing one's activities, in the corporeal world, in a refreshed state. So if one wanted to just feel re-freshed so as to continue carrying on one's activities in a refreshed state, one should just make effort for a few moments at a time, in-between work. This kind of effort-making will also make one spiritually powerful with time.

Some people are born with an ability to go beyond quickly. Maybe effort-making in past births are helping some souls to go beyond easily and quickly. But even if one was not born with this ability in this birth, one can develop the ability to go beyond easily and quickly through constantly trying to keep going beyond in an instant (with just a thought). One should keep trying until 'just a thought' can take one beyond. This is what BK knowledge is trying to teach us to do and we have to develop the ability to do this.

When we start our spiritual effort-making, it is better to start it with BK knowledge because it helps us achieve the aims which we have in our mind. For example, when one keeps the murli-point in one's mind that one is a divine deity soul, one's subtle ministers (one's mind, intellect and memory bank) will help one to achieve that aim and one will enjoy experiences related to what is in one's mind. If we had nothing in our mind, we might just go beyond into blackness and enjoy nothing and also achieve nothing through that. We have to keep an aim in our mind so that we can enjoy it when we go beyond. The thought in one's mind brings one into a related stage when one goes beyond to have a good stage.

It is also better to start with BK knowledge, instead of some other religious teaching, because BK knowledge takes us into the Confluence Aged subtle regions through which we get purified. The purification process makes us more powerful spiritually, with time.

When, one uses the spiritual teachings of the other religions, one can go beyond to enjoy their subtle regions but those subtle regions are not for the purification process. So one can use the teachings of other religions to enjoy the purity that is within the soul. However, the enjoying of that purity is not going to make the soul more powerful. As one keeps going beyond using the other religious teachings, one will keep increasing one's ability to go beyond to enjoy the pure stage and one can seem to become more powerful through developing this ability. However, the purification process is only for the Confluence Aged subtle region. God created this Confluence Aged subtle region for the purpose of re-creation of the divine world. Thus, so long as one uses this Confluence Aged subtle region through using the Confluence Aged knowledge, one is also getting purified. So by constantly using the BK knowledge as a starting point for effort-making, one gets the benefit of learning the art of going beyond in a second to enjoy the pure stage. At the same time, one is getting purified. In the long run, this purification process will help us enjoy better experiences etc.

Some non-BKs say that they have nothing in their mind and through having nothing in their mind, they connect to something (like the aliens etc). I would say that, actually, they are trying to do something to achieve something. So, I would say that they do have an aim to do something though they are not aware of what it is.

Some BKs say that they are happy using the religious knowledge of other religions because they do not want to battle with the vices so much. The vices battle more with BKs because they know that they can get completely wiped out from the face of the earth through the Confluence Aged spiritual effort-making. The Confluence Aged knowledge is for 'WorldTransformation through Self-Transformation'. This is what BK knowledge is all about though people are using it for all sorts of reasons.

One nurse told me that she uses the BK knowledge because it helps her to come out of her depression. She said she does not believe in the knowledge and she does not believe in World Transformation but she says that when she uses the BK knowledge, it works to get her out of depression. So she just uses it for that purpose and not because she believes in the knowledge or because she believes in World Transformation. Well, she is smart because she has learnt to use the knowledge in a way which is suitable for her and she is getting the benefits of it (whether she realises it or not). Instead of completely giving up spiritual effort-making, one can just keep doing something or the other to get whatever benefit one can, like how this nurse does.

But I believe in 'World Transformation'. And if one wants to think that I am like Alice in Wonderland to believe in it; then, they can think that if they wish. But I believe in World Transformation based on my own experiences and not because I am just believing it based on a fantasy or dream. I do not believe it because I think that it would be nice if that happened. Based on my own experiences, I know that it is going to happen.

If one found it difficult to make effort over continuous periods which brings one into battles with the vices; one can just make effort to feel refreshed throughout the day. Using the Confluence Aged knowledge helps one to do this and it also gives extra benefits through the purification process (in the long run).


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