Welcome to the Bayesian Research and Applications Group's Visualisation Workshop.  This module of the workshop will focus on creating 3 dimensional animations with the R package 'rgl' and the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) Animation Package (GAP).

At present I am unsure if we will able able to install all the required software on the Computer On Wheels (COW) units in the Workshop venue so if you wish to participate in the exercises I encourage you to bring your own laptop.  If you are bringing your own laptop please ensure you have all software listed on the Software Required page installed prior to the commencement of the workshop.

This module will be divided into two sessions.  In the first 30 minutes I will demonstrate the construction of the Example Visualisation below.  The second 30 minute session will be a hands on practical session were you attempt one or more of the Exercises using and adapting the code files provided to produce your own visualisations.

Example Visualisations

 Visualisation Description Software Used
3D animation of the interval containing 95% of the predictions from linear models fitted to 10,000 bootstrap replicates of a 50 observation data set.R

Code Files

Code Files will be provided to Workshop Participants during the Workshop.  I hope to use these materials as a module of a larger course in the future so please only share the code files with people within the QUT BRAG group. Please email Ben Fitzpatrick (via QUT address book) if you would like a copy of the code file containing solutions to the exercises posed in the workshop.