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Update - You can now access your child's badge on the website - "View/Print Badges" link on the left.  Your child's badge will be available within 1 hour of registration and will continue to be available in the event it's lost or damaged.

9/13/19: These students will receive awards next week:
Daniel Asleson1stBeaty; Paige50
William Hossenlopp1stBeaty; Paige25
Justin Strunk1stHarris; Beverly25
Benjamin Wagner2ndColston; Kristi50
Luke Steggert2ndColston; Kristi50
Lydia Wiegman2ndColston; Kristi25
Eva Sellen2ndMcClanahan; Angie75
Alexa Kalen2ndPhillips; Fredda150
Timothy Murphy3rdHamilton; Jennifer125
Jeremiah Kirkland3rdKaiser; Robin100
Samdeesh Thukral3rdKaiser; Robin25
Lucas Buck3rdSanders; MIssy75
Niamh Evans4thBates; Catherine50
Reeves Kleppe4thBates; Catherine100
Elena Ruiz4thHaney; Kim25
Cameron Hover4thHolley; Betsy50
Andrew Nguyen4thMiles; Kelly75
Leightyn McCarthy4thMiles; Kelly75
Liam Bell4thMiles; Kelly50
Avany Yeager5thBohdan; Mary150
Holly Harris5thBohdan; Mary100
Landry Hunter5thBohdan; Mary100
David Shedd5thDixon; Linda350
Lindsey Kopacek5thDixon; Linda200
Presley Florczak5thDixon; Linda25
Raegan Collins5thDixon; Linda75
Chloe Tucker5thFitzsimmons; Renee200


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EVERY Wednesday Run With a Parent Day Parents are encouraged to come run with their children on Wednesdays during RC.  It will also provide you the opportunity to see an L.I.M assembly right after.  Parents must sign in at the front office and get a visitors sticker before going to the track with their child.


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