Internet Safety

The internet is a great place full of information, support and entertainment.  We all use it to some extent or another from email, banking, social media, research or watching our favourite TV programme or listening to music.  It is like a whole new culture with its own rules and opportunities and it can allow us to access the world at our fingertips.  In schools we are always looking for ways to use the internet  so that our pupils are engaged and excited by what they are learning.  

When used safely the internet is fabulous!

But lets face it, just like every area of society we have to learn the rules and know how to keep ourselves safe.  Just because we are in the safety of our own home or on our own using a mobile phone or tablet doesn't mean we are free to say and do what we like or safe from others who may want to harm or simply upset us. 

So how do we keep ourselves and our children safe when they are online? is a web resource that provides support for teachers, parents and children about keeping safe online.  It offers practical advise about being as great a parent online as you are offline.  Their parent's guide can be found by following this link.