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New Uniform Price List

Uniform Price List

Please note that grey items of clothing that do not have the school badge embroidered on them can be purchased from any clothing shop.

Primary 7 pupils are the only class in the school able to wear black clothing, this is in line with Dumbarton Academy.

Embroidered Garment

Embroidered Wool Blazer £60.00

Embroidered Polyester Blazer £30.00

Embroidered Crew Neck Sweatshirt £8.00

Embroidered V Neck Sweatshirt (Burgundy or Black) £9.00


Embroidered Sweatshirt Cardigan (Burgundy or Black) £10.50


Embroidered Trim Polo Shirt £7.00

Reversible Waterproof Jacket £22

Fleece Jacket £13.00

Mesh-lined College Jackets £10.99

School Bag Grey or Burgundy £10.99

Embroidered Knitted Tank Top £13.00

Embroidered Knitted V Neck (Burgundy or Black) £15.00

Embroidered Knitted Cardigan (Burgundy or Black) £16.00

Embroidered and Logo Garment

Embroidered Striped Knitted V-Neck   £17.99 - £18.99

Embroidered Striped Knitted Cardigan   £17.99 - £18.99

Embroidered Striped Knitted Tank Top  £17.99 - £18.99

Woody Hat £4.99

Gym Bag £3.99

Homework Bag £4.99


Name Labels 24 with each name £4.50