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Languages 1+2

All pupils in the Dumbarton Academy cluster are learning Spanish.  To find out why we are learning another language please read the information and watch the presentations on this page.  To keep up with what we are learning and to help you child at home click link below.

Languages and Curriculum for Excellence

The learning of a modern language will now begin in primary one and in some cases as early as nursery school. In the coming years West Dunbartonshire schools will be working towards the ambitious goal of every pupil learning and a second language from primary 1 and a second language from primary 5 by 2020.

In secondary schools, it is the entitlement of every young person to learn a language to at least the 3rd level, which for most learners will mean to the end of S3.   In the senior phase, there should be a range of language options at different levels so that all learners can continue to develop their skills and achieve national qualifications.

• Real communication in relevant contexts, supported by ICT Learning and Teaching - key features

• Maximum use of the modern language in the classroom

• An increased focus on culture and international education

• Language learning across the curriculum

Top tips for supporting your child

Leading by example

Encourage your child’s love of languages by displaying a positive attitude to other languages and cultures.

Languages are all around us

Stimulate your child’s curiosity by looking for foreign words on products around the home and in the shops. Ask your child if they can identify different languages and what words they recognise. Turn this into a game and challenge them to work out the ones they don’t know.

Learning together

Don’t be daunted if you don’t know any foreign languages; you can still support your child. Ask them to teach you some of the new vocabulary and phrases they have learned.

Changing mindsets

Discuss the benefits and myths with your child and dispel any prejudices about learning other languages.

Learning and Literacy

Learning a second language can enhance English literacy. Some of the ways are listed below:

-By comparing features of their first language with those of another language learners are better able to understand the structure and workings of English.

-Language learners develop and enhance their skills and strategies for decoding and making meaning from words and this transfers to English.

Learners develop flexibility and competence in dealing with language concepts.

A second language can provide a new beginning and success for learners who have struggled with English. This has been shown to be beneficial, both in terms of English language development and self -esteem of learners.

The benefits of Language Learning


Say Yes to Languages