Family Grouping


Curriculum for Excellence aims to enable children to become Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens and Effective Contributors.  Staff in Braehead Primary agree with these aims and believe that our children will take these skills with them throughout their lives.

We want to support our pupils to be enthusiastic and motivated for learning.  We have high expectations for them and want to encourage them to set high standards for themselves and strive to achieve them.

At Braehead Primary we teach our pupils to relate to others and manage themselves well.  We value self respect and self reliance.  Our pupils will be able to communicate in different ways and different settings, take the initiative and lead, solve problems and work in partnerships and in teams.

In all our work we show a respect for others and expect the pupils to demonstrate this too.  All members of our school community are asked to show commitment to participate responsibly in the life of the school.

To this end, Braehead Primary School will use a Family Grouping programme which will enable all our pupils to work towards achieving the aims of Curriculum for Excellence.


In Braehead Primary School we aim to:

  • Have a positive ethos throughout the school and among all members of our school community.
  • Develop responsibility and self-esteem through a ‘Peer Support’ programme.
  • Create a positive support structure among the pupils.

What is Family Grouping?

Family Grouping is used to teach pupils about Citizenship and helps them to develop as:

            Image result for four capacities

 What is a Family?

Each pupil in the school is placed into a Family.  The pupils are divided vertically so that each Family contains one pupil from each stage from Primary 1 to Primary 7.

How is a Family led?

Primary 7 pupils are Family Captains and Primary 6 pupils are Vice Captains.   This is a support for all pupils and will build on the Family community ethos we already have within Braehead Primary.

The Captain and Vice Captain lead their Family through the tasks to be completed.  Tasks will vary throughout the year but will include a wide range of activities like discussions, games, competitions, etc.  The groups will also be asked to make decisions about the things that happen in school and this will help us to gather the opinions of the pupils on the good things about Braehead Primary as well as things they would like to change about the school.

To begin each meeting the pupils will share any exciting or positive things that have happened to them since the last meeting.  Pupils will also be given the opportunity to tell their Captain and Vice Captain any concerns that they might have, for example; name calling or fighting.   Pupils DO NOT have to share at this point but as they bond with their Family they may feel more comfortable to do so.

Captain and Vice Captain will report back to their teacher about any concerns that have come up in their family and, if necessary, those concerns will be passed on to the Head Teacher or the Depute Head Teacher.  In this way problems can be dealt with quickly.  We hope that the pupils enjoy Family Grouping and benefit from this