Science Lab Pics

PS54Q is very fortunate to have a dedicated science lab!

* Please consider giving Mr. Brady your permission to use group photos of students ingn science investigation permission to upload photos of them and their work to the BRADYSCIENCEPS54Q website! (This permission slip will be sent home in September 2012 as homework.)

* We will use this lab to conduct many exciting experiments and investigations throughout the year.

* Students will be grouped into investigation teams, and each team member will be assigned a job with specific responsibilities. After you know your job, you should become familiar with your responsibilities, which are shown below:

Science Investigation Team Responsibilities



Equipment Manager


Keeps track of Equipment.

Cleans and puts away everything.

Data Collection Manager

Records the data for the group. Works with the communications manager to make sure this gets done.

Procedure Manager

Makes sure everyone follows all the steps in the right order.

Observation Manager

Makes sure everyone does their job.

Only this student reports questions or problems to the teacher.

Communications Manager

Communicates the results of an activity to the group, class, and teacher.