The Most Terrifying Video you will ever see

From: Johnq5

What's the worst that can happen? That's the simple question the guy in this video asks (who is not Johnq5). In today's times, the environment can be a hot topic. Debates rage on, does global climate change really exist? Here is an interesting hypotheisis on the environment that promises to put to an end any arguments on global warming. There seems to be a very strong argument here that by choosing to do nothing, or even by wasting time debating we are really choosing to do something...something that can really quite scarry. least I thought it was a good argument, then I learned the logically flaw. It uses a technique widely used in the political world known as the Precautionary Principle. You can see in the video to the left how this principle can be applied and the dangers that can occur. So in the end which is more dangerous, taking action to prevent the worst imagined consequences or taking action without sufficient evidence/justification?