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God did not write the bible

Wait! Before the religious jelots come attacking me with torches please allow me a moment to explain.


I’m not saying that the bible is wrong, or that it isn’t good, or even that God did not have a hand in it.

I’m saying it was written by human beings, beings which are imperfect, make mistakes and have a free will. 

Beings who form  committees to decide which of the words sound best and which need to be thrown out.

We know the bible was written by human beings; they in fact often name themselves (eg: Matthew, Mark, 

Luke, and of course the authors of the old testement, some of which are anonymous or use Pen names)

It is often argued, however, that the hands that wrote the bible were “guided” by the hands of God and are 

therefore his (or maybe her) words. Perhaps this is true but does not change the fact that it was written (and 

translated over and over by the hands of man (and women).


The first “law” of the universe (or law granted by God if you prefer) , is that humans are given “free will”.     

The ability to choose.


God would not take away that ability for any reason (hence explaining the reason that evil exists)


Free will also causes humans to intrepret, paraphrase, and adapt to information. So even if the almighty 

guided the hand of the authors of the bible, and deciding which parts to include and which to exclude, 

humans also had a part in this. They were not “zombies” only able to do the will of God.


And therefore; all those “errors” or “contridictians” that seem to appear are either

a) Mis-interpretations by the humans reading the words

b) Incorrect details recorded by the humans who wrote the words


Most likely, it is a combination of both. In a similar manner there are “so many different” religions again 

because humans have the ability to choose.



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Brad Detchevery,
May 23, 2009, 4:12 PM