Brad is a Research Associate and manager of the Center for Infrastructure, Energy, and Space Testing at the University of Colorado Boulder. His work leverages the capabilities of unique campus laboratories and collaboration with diverse researchers to conduct a wide-range of experimental activities with academic and industry partners. For more information about future testing opportunities please submit an inquiry to the "Getting Started" page of the center's website.

Brad was formerly a postdoc and graduate researcher at Cornell University where he designed and implemented full-scale experiments employing smart infrastructure techniques to characterize the response of various hazard-resilient lifeline systems to large ground deformation.  His research at the Geotechnical Lifelines Large-Scale Testing Facility coupled physical testing and numerical simulations of soil-structure interaction under extreme loading conditions imposed by earthquake-induced liquefaction and landslides as well as construction-related deformation such as tunneling and deep excavation.  

He has served on international field reconnaissance teams in New Zealand and Japan to document infrastructure performance and lifeline system response to natural disasters. He holds a PhD and MS in Geotechnical Engineering and a Masters of Engineering in Structural Engineering from Cornell University as well as a bachelors degree from Virginia Tech.