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2 "Talking Heads" by Alan Bennett

posted 31 May 2014, 06:08 by Bradley Villagehall   [ updated 18 Sep 2014, 04:03 ]

2 ”Talking Heads” by Alan Bennett

A Lady of Letters……….. Miss Ruddock’s civil liberties are dear to her, and writing letters is how she likes to assert those rights. One of these missives pushes her to the brink, with unexpected, but liberating consequences

7:30pm Saturday 13th September 2014

Bar from 7pm

Bradley Village Hall


Bed Among The Lentils………..Susan is a nervous vicar’s wife who distracts herself from her vainly insensitive husband and his doting parishioners by conducting an affair with a nearby grocer, Ramesh Ramesh, discovering something about herself and God in the process..

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