“Jennifer Bradley has become a valuable writer for AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT Magazine. She does an excellent job of understanding the dynamics of the industry and balances that with the needs of our readers and the role of the magazine to create informative and useful content. Jen is able to find the best sources and produces stories that are complete and delivered on time.”
-Paul Bowers - Publisher, AIRPORT IMPROVEMENT Magazine 

"We have enjoyed Jen's thoughtful writing and cheerful approach to stories. She has written feature, news and technical stories for us with ease. I never have to worry about her meeting a deadline. She has been a joy to work with."
-Shannon Hayes - Managing Editor, Agri-View
"Bradley Bylines delivered very professional services for iTech under an extremely tight deadline. Jennifer was able to comprehend, analyze and create a story for a very strategic technical proposal submission. Her creative writing skills have helped put iTech into the top three finalists for award of the project. Thanks to Bradley Bylines professionalism and ability to work under strict deadlines, iTech will continue a long-term collaboration with Jennifer."
-Jeffrey Freund - Executive Director, iTech Management Consultancy

"Jen is an imaginative writer, punctual and accurate. She's willing to take on new topics and always does a good job.
I recommend her work highly."
-Marie Rohde - Editor, Corporate Report Wisconsin

"Jen has helped us create a stronger publication with her excellent in-depth articles that focus directly on what our members want to read about. We greatly appreciate her talents and enjoy working with her; her professionalism, timeliness and creativity are second to none." 
-Hannah Hamontree - Communications Director, Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association

"Jen is able to understand difficult concepts and produce clear, compelling copy that engages and educates the reader.  She is very easy to work with, and offers timely and welcome suggestions for stimulating the creative process.  We  have worked with Jen for many years and hope to continue for many more."
-Nancy Schonwalter - Managing Editor, Today's Caregiver

“I can always count on Jennifer’s professionalism. Her thorough research and reporting skills ensure insightfully written pieces, which are always completed on time.”
-Barbara Howell - Associate Editor, Nei-Turner Media Group