I believe every person has a unique life story to tell - their experience of how they got to any given point in their journey, whether personal or business. Many times these overlap.
Mine's been a unique one, but writing has always been a constant.
I grew up a on a diversified dairy/crop farm in central Wisconsin and used to write notes for my family when we would be testing cows' milk each month. I left "reports" for my parents to find on the kitchen table after returning from a night out with friends. I have stored in my basement about a dozen partially filled journals, each from a new chapter in my life.
Eventually I left the farm, majored in Journalism and here I am today, excited to be the owner of Bradley Bylines. I have the good fortune to write for innovative clients in a variety of industries.

My husband and I have our own tales to tell from adopting two dogs, two senior citizens and one son, in that order. We also have a son of our own, 10.5 months younger than the first. Ask me sometime and I'd be happy to share how that all came to be. (People say I should write a book.) Then, we welcomed our spitfire of a little girl in January 2016. She is her mother's daughter! For now, know that I have a wide variety of life experiences and acquired a wealth of knowledge by default.

I've worked as a farmhand, a gluten-free baker, a financial planning assistant, a caregiver for the elderly, a daily newspaper reporter, magazine editor, chiropractic assistant, marketing coordinator, youth leader, mother, wife and business entrepreneur.

I've loved them all. Truly. I was asked recently what my favorite job was and I can't tell you. I like working hard and learning. I've had the amazing opportunity to write about and see firsthand large airport projects, visit EMS agencies nationwide, speak to researchers at jaw-dropping places like the Body Farm, and interview third-generation farm equipment manufacturers, Century Farmers or cleaning professionals. 

I get to talk to those changing the world, like the person who ran the daytime recovery efforts during the tragedy of 9/11 in New York or the man who successfully manages a 3-million-chicken farm in Wisconsin. I Skype each week with an architectural firm in Dubai and then visit local professionals of many backgrounds. It's been a fun adventure, and I'd love to have you along.

For some samples of my work, please see the Portfolio page and if you have any questions, just send over an e-mail. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting Bradley Bylines.