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Things to Get Your Creativity Flowing


Incorporate this line: "Loose lips sink ships."

Quickly pick out 12 words from the titles of books on a nearby bookshelf. Use them in a poem or short story. –Provided by


Elide (strike out) the Junk: Take a piece of junk mail and black out most of the words so that what remains is a poem. If you feel so inclined, write a story based on the poem you just created –Provided by

Pick a moment and a place from history where there was terrible suffering and provide a firsthand picture. –Provided by our very own Jake Guzan

Murphy's Law has struck. Write a short story where everything that can go wrong does. –Provided by

Fill in the blanks on a title with the form “If It (blank), It (blank)”
An example title might be: “If It (Hangs From the Ceiling), It (Smells Like Flowers)” –Provided by Robert Lee Brewer of Writer’s Digest