Welcome to the Airedale Quiz
This is a site for those interested in quizzes or in joining the Airedale quiz League. It aims to promote the quiz league. To join the League you should be within one bus ride of Bradford or Keighley City Centre, have a team of 4  players and question reader and be based in a pub and be able to play on a Tuesday. Ideally one with real ale but this not mandatory. 
In the past we have had teams as far as Silsden to the North and Leeds to the West and Halifax to the South West and presently at Haworth to the East.

League is presently in it's 44th Season. The season began September 7th 2010 and runs until  May 10th 2011. Should anyone be interested in seeing if they are interested in joining the League, for next September's season opening, you will be welcome to turn up and watch a match and chat with teams afterwards. The team I play for I in 12 Club is happy to chat to anyone who wants to come along to any of our own home matches. These dates can be found at the clubs website www.1in12.com We are also happy to host a second team from our premises, as long as you agree to be members of the club, should you have any difficulty in finding a venue

The site is intended to allow visitors to find out how to get involved in the league; learn about the teams; see current fixtures and results; take a look at the team in action in the photo and video gallery; chat about events in the forum and make payments.

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As at wed 10th Nov we have won 4 games now lost 4 and drawn1. Also interesting to find a third team with shall we say reservations re a certain team or two.

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