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Woven Wood Blinds

woven wood blinds
    wood blinds
  • UpAvailable with 2" or 1" slats wood blinds are the perfect alternative to shutters. Made from basswood or ramin wood they are among the most beautiful and enduring window treatments available today. They are also very good natural insulators.
  • We offer Basswood Blinds in 2” or 2 ?” slats that run horizontally. Real Wood Blinds can be painted or stained. Sometimes referred to as Plantation Blinds.
  • Made from various types of wood, these are popular horizontal blinds.
  • (of basketwork or a wreath) Made by interlacing items such as cane, stems, flowers, or leaves
  • made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole; "woven fabrics"; "woven baskets"; "the incidents woven into the story"; "folk songs woven into a symphony"
  • (of fabric) Formed by interlacing long threads passing in one direction with others at a right angle to them
  • (weave) pattern of weaving or structure of a fabric
  • (of a complex story or pattern) Made in a specified way from a number of interconnected elements
  • (weave) interlace by or as if by weaving
woven wood blinds - Indian Ginger
Indian Ginger Bamboo Roman Shade - Free Shipping, 60x74
Indian Ginger Bamboo Roman Shade - Free Shipping, 60x74
Our beautiful Roman-style Bamboo shades can only be described as the sensible choice. Noted for their rich textures and beautiful colors they also help protect your home against penetrating heat and Winter air. Note: For inside mount, please order a shade that is smaller than the width of your window so that it fits inside your window or does not rub against the sides. It should be at least 1/4 of an inch smaller to ensure a proper fit. Not for outdoor use, it will mold in high humidity environment. Each shade comes with a Retro-fit kit recommended by the CPSC. This kit enables the removal of operating cords. For more information on Roman Shade safety go to windowcoverings.org.

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1st Twig ring
1st Twig ring
We had a project to make a piece of jewellery for someone blind. I always preferred to use unusual materials so I opted for some twigs I had collected (it was autumn) and a bit of twine. The 1st three twigs were woven together and the fourth was wrapped and bent to form ring-piece which sits over two fingers (like I say, I like to do things differently). The idea was that it could be worn as a decorative ring with the twigs on the outside but could also be turned and worn inside the palm so that the wearer would have the tactile experience of being able to feel the different texture of the wood and weave.
Sitting area in bedroom inspired by the Caribbean. Rattan chair with fabric and leather cushion set-off the woven wood blinds.

woven wood blinds