Sun shades for porch. Mock roman shade valance.

Sun Shades For Porch

sun shades for porch
    sun shades
  • A space sunshade or sunshield can be described as analogous to a parasol that s or otherwise reduces some of a star's rays, preventing them from hitting a planet and thereby reducing its insolation, which results in less heating of the planet.
  • can also refer to the sun-shading eyepiece-type, although the term is not exclusive to these. Also in use is the derivative abbreviation, shades.
  • A vestibule is a lobby, entrance hall, or passage between the entrance and the interior of a building.
  • A covered shelter projecting in front of the entrance of a building
  • A veranda
  • a structure attached to the exterior of a building often forming a covered entrance
  • In television broadcasting, the front porch is a brief (about 1.5 microsecond) period inserted between the end of each transmitted line of picture and the leading edge of the next line sync pulse.
sun shades for porch - Guide Gear®
Guide Gear® 3x6' Shade, Classic Shades block sun, cool the indoors and save you cash!
Guide Gear® 3x6' Shade, Classic Shades block sun, cool the indoors and save you cash!
Blocks sun and heat, lets fresh summer breezes right in! These Shades mount easily into your windows, RV or out on the porch. They look great and roll up with the pull of a cord when you're not using them! All-weather knit is specially designed with millions of tiny holes so fresh air can flow through. Cool comfort and extra privacy for BIG BUCKS OFF! 90% UV block offers superior sun protection, lets air and light flow right through All-weather polyester / polypropylene blend resists weather and fading Mold and mildew resistant Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Includes rope for hanging that can be used to hold manually rolled-up shades. Pull-up cord not included

88% (14)
The Good Dog
The Good Dog
The good dog sat on the porch in the shade, waiting for his master. The master had sat him down and told him to Stay, and he knew from hard experience that Stay was very serious. A dog told to stay did exactly that, and nothing else. Until the master came back to release him. Morning turned to midday and sun lit up the dog’s corner of the porch. All through the afternoon, the heat got more and more intense. The good dog panted. Burned in the sun. Thought about water; tried not to think about it. Went to that empty private place in his mind where dogs sometimes go when they have to do a lot of waiting. Through the afternoon, the dog looked with longing at the shade on the other side of the porch. But he did not go to it. Stay meant stay. By evening, the sun’s rays were longer and less intense. Hunger gripped the dog’s belly. His mouth and tongue were raw from panting. But… good dog that he was, he stayed. His heart leapt, and he could almost taste cool water, when he heard someone coming up the stairs. But he knew almost instantly that it was not his master. The footfalls were too light; the smell was all wrong. It was a woman. She gasped a little gasp when she saw the dog. Said hello, with some trepidation. Held out her hand for him to sniff, which he did. She kneeled down in front of him, saw that he was in distress, and went inside the cool dark house. At the door she turned to him and said, “Come on!” But he was a good dog, and he’d been told to stay. The woman brought out a big bowl of water and some leftover chicken from the night before. She put them on the porch in front of the dog and urged him to eat and drink. He did neither. He’d been told to stay. And he knew the “food and water” trick. The master had taught him that one well. No matter how thirsty, how hungry, how fatigued, how hot or cold the dog became… he could do nothing – would do nothing – till the master gave the word. The woman went back into the house and called the newspaper. Placed an ad in the lost and found. Returned to the porch with her digital camera. Took pictures of the dog that she could use on flyers around the neighbourhood. Three or four times as the evening wore on she came to the porch to check on him. And each time, there he was… sitting in the same spot, the food and water apparently untouched. She got up several times during the night to check on him, and found the same. Morning came. The dog had drifted off to sleep at some point, but was now awake… still sitting, still waiting in the corner of the porch. He was tempted by the water. Oh, so tempted. And the chicken was the best thing he’d ever smelled. But he knew from hard experience that taking even one lap or bite could cost him dearly. His bowels and bladder strained. But he knew – also from hard experience – that he dare not allow them to evacuate. Stay meant Stay. It meant Do Not Move a Muscle. It meant Do Absolutely Nothing Till I Say So. The woman came out with her breakfast and ate on the steps a few feet away from the dog. She made some gentle, concerned noises. She touched the top of his head and he allowed her, but he shrank back into himself when she tried to scratch behind his ears. The next time she came out of the house, she was on her way to work… a stack of flyers with the dog’s photo sitting on top of her papers and folders. The dog heard her footsteps go away down the stairs, and closed his eyes, and tried not to think. The dog passed another day on the porch. And another night. And the woman worried. No one called. No one came to claim the dog. And… since he was a good dog, and had been told to stay, he stayed. By the third day, he had trouble sitting up. His vision was blurred. He choked with thirst. But still he would not touch the water. On the fourth day, the woman came out of the house and found him stiff and cold and lifeless. And cried. Because it’s always sad when the world loses a good dog.
Green House with Garden Rear Yard Spring 1999
Green House with Garden Rear Yard Spring 1999
This is a photo pieced together from multiple shots. This is my home taken from the back yard one afternoon in my second spring here (1999). My little bungalow is one in a row of five (originally) identical cottages. My place is rather modest - all the "living" space (less than 900 square feet) is on the first floor with a walk-out basement to the south facing rear garden. The house has a small living room, dining room, a tiny kitchen (about 7'x9' with 2 windows and 3 doors!), a nice hallway that leads to 2 bedrooms and a bath - there are no closets in the house. There is a small sleeping porch, as seen above, off the back bedroom. Sleeping porches were common in the area from the 1900's thru the 1930's. In the summer, Washington can be almost tropical in its heat and humidity and these simple porches cooled off more quickly than the rest of the house, making a good night's sleep easier to come by. A winding stair leads from the kitchen to the attic above that I can stand up in only at the peak of the roof. A narrow stair brings you to the unfinished basement that is used for storage, laundry and the furnace. A door to the garden gives access to the back deck with its pergola above. The pergola supports wisteria, whose lavender clusters of blossoms perfume the house through the opened windows every spring. The pergola provides shade from the summer sun. The huge old 250 year old oak, in my nieghbor's yard, is gone now, but was a majestic wonderful presence most of my 10 years here. Unfortunately, it was dying and even the two arborists that I had come out to save it said it would need to come down. Over the course of several years it shed some large branches, three of which put holes in my roof. My nieghbor finally had it cut down 2 years ago (somehow the falling limbs always managed to miss his house and find mine!). The diameter of its trunk, at the height of my chest, was more than 5' wide!!! Welcome to my neighborhood!

sun shades for porch
sun shades for porch
RIO 2 Fantasy 5 Position to Lay Flat Beach Chairs (2 chairs included) with a DELUXE 6ft Rio Brands 100 SPF sun protection factor Umbrella
This "Classic" folding Beach Chair is lightweight for easy carrying

you can also recline it to any of the 5 custom settings by easy lift of solid hardwood arms with exclusive safe adjust brackets and also fully reclines for all over tanning position. * Holds up to 250 lbs * Designed to recline in any 5 different position to lay flat
* Safety hinge snaps into locking position on the rear leg preventing the chair from accidentally fold
* Open Dimensions: 22"L x 25.5"W x 30"H
* Seat Dimensions 20.5"W x 14.5" Deep
* Folds compactly
This 6 ft wide canopy umbrella is multi-purpose designed for beach, patio or backyard. Its vented top allows heat to rise and dissipate for cool shade under the umbrella and stability in windy conditions. The attractive and rugged 300 denier polyester with special anti-uv treatment offers SPF50 UV protection from the sun's rays and the frame structure features a white powder-coat finish for durability.