What is the Developer Academic Alliance?

The Developer (Microsoft) Academic Alliance Software Page is here.

The program was designed to allow students and faculty in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) programs access to Microsoft software on a free or very reduced cost basis. The software includes those programs typically used by developers, and does not include Word, PowerPoint, or Excel. The Information Technology and Computer Science department pays an annual membership for IT & CS faculty and students to participate. 

What is a software license?

A software license is given to you from a software company that gives you
permission to use a specific software package.
Ex: If you have 10 computers running Microsoft Office 2010, you need 10
Microsoft Office 2010 Licenses.

What is OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) license?

You can only get this license with the purchase of a new computer from a
System Builder (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.)

What is Retail License?

With retail licenses, you own the license and software no matter what happens
to the computer it is installed on.

What is Volume Licensing?

Volume licensing is the activation of software across a large number of
computers in the same Domain or a Peer-to-Peer Network.

What is Key Management Service (KMS) and how does it work?

With KMS, you can complete activations on your local network, and NO need to
connect each computer to Microsoft for activation. GOOD FOR MORE THAN 25 PCs

What is a Multiple Activation Key (MAK) and how does it work?

With MAK, you cannot complete activations on your local network, and MUST
connect each computer to Microsoft for activation. GOOD FOR LESS THAN 25 PCs

General Rules, Piracy, and other Administration

What are the rules/disclaimers?

  • No technical support will be provided by the Lakeland Help Desk - please don't call them.
  • No technical support will be provided by any faculty
  • No technical support will be provided by the MSDNAA administrator.
  • No technical support will be provided by any member of the library staff.
  • Everyone should be aware of the hardware/software requirements before installing the software.
  • All library rules apply - including those for late fees. If the software is lost or damaged, it may be that full cost will have to be paid to replace it!
  • All Microsoft licensing rules apply This software is for ACADEMIC USE only. Using the software in a production environment is a violation of the rules, and may cause the program at Lakeland to be halted (in addition to any licensing violations Microsoft may choose to pursue).
  • This software is not to be installed on any computer in any lab (open lab or classroom) or in the library.
  • This software is only for students who are taking - for a grade - credit courses in the information systems department, and the faculty who teach those courses (Note that this means that students who are auditing courses are not permitted to check out the software). We are limited under a very strict licensing agreement - we cannot provide this software to students not in IT & CS courses, to community learning students, or to non-BRACU students. The library has been asked to randomly check schedules to insure we are in compliance with the licensing agreement.
  • Distance learning students have to check out the software from the library on the main campus, or download the ISO image if an account is set up by your instructor.
  • All SECS, MNS faculty and students - regardless of status - will need their ID to check out software.
  • All SECS, MNS Students will need a copy of their current course schedule.
  • Only instructors can request accounts
    • The instructor will determine if your course needs software that is part of the program. If your instructor choses not to enroll your class, there is no appeal. Sorry.
  • No, we will not download and/or burn your CD or DVD for you. You will need to use your own computer for this. You can not use the lab or library computers. Period. You just can't.

This program is designed to provide you with the software you need in your classroom. According the EULA (excerpts):

You may use the software to :

  1. to develop, support, conduct, or take thecourses, labs, or programs you offer;
  2. in non-commercial research on your behalf; or
  3. to design, develop, test, and demonstrate software programs for the above purposes.

Restrictions. You may not use the software:

  1. for commercial purposes;
  2. or to develop and maintain your own administrative or IT systems.

Desktop operating systems. Some components of the software are operating system products. You may permit installation and use of such products on machines that do not have an operating system installed at the time of installation of our products, so long as the machines are owned or leased by you and/or students. You may also install such products in virtual machine environments so long as these virtual machines are (a) used according to these terms, and (b) run on machines owned or leased by you and/or students. All other circumstances require the prior purchase of an appropriate commercial license.

In addition, the operating system "it is not transferable and must be removed if the PC is transferred."

Who is eligible to participate?

Any student taking a School of Engineering And Computer Science course for credit that uses specific Microsoft software. Students who are auditing or taking the course S/U are not - due to our licensing agreement with Microsoft - permitted to participate. Any part-time faculty member who is teaching a course that uses specific Microsoft software.

Important additional administrative topics:

  • Because of some significant constraints on our licensing: the Academic Alliance is not available to ITIS 1000 and ITIS 1005 students.
  • Class accounts will only be created and available for the semester/term that the course runs.
  • Students can not request accounts.

What's available?

The software list changes on a regular basis. Please note that Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is not on this list. We don't have that license.

Fahim Al Hasnaeen,
Apr 13, 2012, 10:20 AM