Donation Opportunities

 The Virginia Dare BPW Outer Banks Club is a non-profit and not a 501(c)(3) organization.   However, by donating directly to our endowment partner, North Carolina Community Foundation (NCCF), your gift would be tax deductible!

To donate to the BPW Endowment Fund,

Please send your checks made payable to "NCCF" to:

Natalie Jenkins Peel
Regional Associate, Northeast Region
North Carolina Community Foundation
204 South Poindexter Street
Elizabeth City, North Carolina 27909
(252) 216-8908

It is important to note in the Memo field of the check, "VA Dare BPW Donation"


Here are additional ways in which you can support VA Dare BPW

  • Gifts can include stock & mutual fund transfers.  This can reduce capital gains taxes for the donor. The donor should contact the NCCF office for these details (see contact info below). The donor works with her own broker to authorize these transfers.   The tax deduction cutoff is December 31 of each year.
  • Gifts can also be designated by donors from their IRA. Donors must be 70.5 years of age. The funds must be transferred directly to NCCF for the VA Dare BPW endowment fund.
  • A gift can be made through the use of a Last Will & Testament donation. This can be done as an outright gift amount, a percentage of assets, or as a remainder of estate assets left to the VA Dare BPW endowment fund.  This type of gift reduces estate taxes. 
  • NCCF does not charge any additional processing fees for these types of gifts.
For more information on these Donation Opportunities, please contact Natalie Jenkins Peel at 252-216-8908