About Us

North Carolina Business & Professional Women’s Clubs (BPW/NC) is a network of North Carolina local clubs committed to empowering working women to fully achieve their potential in their careers.  It is a multi-generational, nonpartisan organization with a mission to provide personal and professional growth opportunities and to promote equity in the workplace.


Membership in BPW is open to all women and men, 

and employment is not a requirement.

Virginia Dare Business and Professional Women Outer Banks is a local club of BPW/NC.  Our club was chartered in 1978, under the leadership of Rae Eley.  Since inception, the club has provided many programs of interest to its members and women in the Outer Banks.  The programs at the monthly meetings address ways in which we can improve ourselves personally, professionally, and emotionally.  The goal is for women in the Outer Banks to thrive and to be all they can be.

The BPW/NC state organization lobbies for issues important to women such as: pay equity; equal rights for women (we don’t have that guarantee yet); small business interests; quality health care; Social Security; and other workplace equity and work-life issues.  

BPW/NC is an advocate for women. Virginia Dare BPW helps women to help themselves through education and self-improvement.  Networking and mentoring is an important part of the club's work.  Virginia Dare BPW's annual Women's Symposium, held each fall, reaches out to women in the Outer Banks through keynote speakers that focus on women's issues. The symposium is the primary source of funding for the club's scholarship fund that helps working women or those re-entering the workforce and in need of financial assistance for education or training.