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          For second week of the program, Mr Ahmad Zulkarnain Abdullah announce the trainer’s name for each company. The two modulesthat the companies will learn are project & event management and business writing. For this week, company 1 until company 4 are arranged to learn about project & event management and for the left company which are company 5 until company 7, they learn about business writing.

The objectives of project & event management are to explain the concept and principles of effective project & event management. Beside that, this module would explain about the key steps in managing a project & event. Also, all participants would able to prepare project & event plan proposal. Lastly, we would be able monitor and track the project implementation.During the project and event management class, the participants learned about:

1)   the concepts of effective project or event management,

2)   key steps in project or event management processes,

3)   initiating (scoping),

4)   planning,

5)   implementing, controlling, and evaluating.

 The objectives for business writing are explaining the reasons why business documents are written. The participants should be able to list down the key principles or qualities and impact of a good professional document. This module also would differentiate between the different types of business documents. Besides, we should apply quality and impactful language (words and structures), using correct grammar and punctuation to deliver intended messages in different documents through written communication. At the end of the module, all participants also should be able to demonstrate effective writing skills to clearly communicate key messages to target audience &anticipate and overcome problems arising from business writing. During the business writing class, the participants learned about:

1)   language structures in business writing

2)   formatting the different documents

3)   report writing and parts in a report-all in a day’s work

4)   the language of reporting

5)   proposal writing


The first GLP (Group Live Projects) for BPS06F participants was Sport Day and the Sport Committee is responsible to organize this event.The program started from 7 May 2012 for the preliminary round until 12 May for the closing ceremony. The theme of this program is “Move for Health, Play for Fun”.The main objective for Sport Day is to encourage GEMS participants to be involved in sports activities throughout GEMS program. Also, the aims for this program are to promote self-esteem and build self-confidence and to provide a platform for GEMS participants to show their sport abilities/talents.

For the preliminary round, the game was held from Monday to Friday started from 4.15 p.m. until 5.30 p.m. As for the closing ceremony and final round for each game was held on Saturday at 7 a.m. until 12 p.m. The closing ceremony officiated by Site Manager, Mr. Zulkarnain Abdullah. Before starting the games, the participants and Site Management Team do the aerobic to warm up their body.

          List of the competition are:

1)   Futsal (male & female)

2)   Volley Ball (male & female)

3)   Tug of War (male & female)

4)   Arm Wrestling (male & female)

5)   Chess (Either male or female)

6)   Tele-Matches (both male and female)

-Giant slipper

- Run with ping pong ball

- Run with sack

- Coconuts bowling

- Fill water into bottle

All the telematch games took place on the day of the event. The overall champion was Company 4, followed by Company 6 on the second place and Company 5 on the third place. The 4thplace won by Company 3, followed by Company 7 in the 5th place. Company 1 is in the 6th place and Company 2 in 7th place.

According to Randy Miller, the Project Manager for the Sport Day, teamwork and cooperation are importantamong the participants and the Sport Committee itself because without their support, this event will not running smoothly. Also, the activity cannot be start according schedule because of late attendance by the competitor. So,the participants need to be punctual not only in sport activity but also in meeting and group discussion. In addition, there are some committee member was afraid to be in front of other people/participant especially the one who managing the game.They need to increase self-confident and always think positive to change ourselves. He also stated that there is same commentator from start till the end of event. So, they should prepared at least one commentator for each game, so the activity can start smoothly and more enjoyable.

The key goal of the program is to increase the awareness about the importance to practice healthy lifestyle through active participation in sports. Through this program, we can see that it is not about who is the winner or the loser but the most important thing is the spiritand teamwork that shown by the participants during the program. They give the encouragement to each other and not blaming others for losing in the games. Hopefully, this teamwork will continue on the upcoming event.


The program began at 9.00p.m. until 10.00p.m. Mr. Ahmad Zulkarnain Abdullah has showed the sports committee proposal to all participants during the post-mortem. Also, the post mortem gives opportunity to the participants and site management to give their feedback about the programmed. Through this activity the participants and the sports committee can know deficiency and excess during the sports day programmed, so that all participants can improve in their performance for their upcoming event.

Recommendations for next Group Live Project:-

     The planning for each activity must be clear and need someone be the person in charge for each activity.

     Any rule and regulations need to be inform earlier to participant

     Teamwork is important, so try solving any problem or task given together

     Each committee must know their responsibilities

     Always be punctual (one of the way to become a great leader)

  Have self-confident in managing the event and go in front of crowd/participant