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posted 7 May 2012, 05:41 by corporate communication manager   [ updated 21 May 2012, 06:49 ]


The participants start to register on 29th April as early as 9 a.m. The registration counter are open until 5 p.m. 

After dinner and surau activities, there were induction and briefing to participants about the activities during two months training in Borneo Paradise given by Site Manager, Encik Zulkarnain Abdullah started on 8 p.m. Also, the participants are taught by Encik Zulkarnain about GEMS theme song. 


The opening ceremony of Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS) began at 10.45 a.m with arrival of all the participants followed by all guest of honours. Next, everyone sang the national Anthem “Negara ku”. Then, doa recitation was performed by Mohd Shari B. Tek Seng. Around 10.55 a.m, the representative of GEMS Implementation Team, Mr Azman Ibrahim gave a welcoming speech to all the participants. At 11.10 a.m., Ms. Shazreen, who is the Head of Operations, GEMS Programme gave a short speech and officially declared the opening of GEMS EDP Programme for BPS06F by Ms. Shazreen Zainal. Then, at 11.25 a.m. the GEMS pledge was read by Hussaimie Bin Hussain. Lastly, everyone sang the GEMS songs. The ceremony ended around 12.00 p.m. with photo session by each company. 


On the first day of Building and Achieving Self-Efficacy (B.A.S.E), the entire participant divided into 20 groups. The module was conducted by Mr Haji Nicholas Sylvester Muhammad Abdullah. The module was separated into 11 parts in 3 days duration. During the module all participant was involved in all activities according to each part.

            First day of the module, there was 3 part has been completed which are Introduction, The Need To Develop Your Self-Efficacy, and Core Values Of An Employable Graduate. The activities were Self Analysis 1 and Personal Development Plan 1.

            On the second day the speaker continue to part 4 until part 8 which are How to Be More Professional at Work, Achieving Excellent In Everything You Do, How To Be More Self-Discipline, Be An Active Learner, and How To Work Better As A Team. The main activity that has been conducted was GEMS Bingo Game, and also Fighter Jet. From the activity, the value of teamwork and good negotiator can apply for to get out mission and goal.

            During the last day of the module the speaker has completed part 9 until part 11 of it. Part 9 is How To Be More Innovative followed by Developing Personal Integrity, and the last one was Evaluation And Action Planning. The participants were asked to do Self Analysis 2 and Personal Development Plan 2. The final activity was designing the tallest building using all the props given. The objective of this activity was to learn innovation and systematic strategy among the participants.

            Module 1 of GEMS program has contributed to give positive impact to all participants to boost up their self motivation and to reach a higher goal in their life.



Kinarut, 5 May 2012 (Saturday)- Each participants was delighted and supportive attending Company Presentation Slot even today is public holiday in Balai Dunia Ilmu as early as 7.30 am. This slot involves our Site Management Team as investor who will give the starting fund for each company and each company representatives. Each company will introduce their company name, company logo, nature of business, vision, mission and their values in ten minutes.


            First presenter was Secret Admire team, the women accessories dealer followed by Craftra Sdn Bhd, a traditional and contemporary craft company. The third presenter was MultiVen Sdn. Bhd., an event management service provider which was challenged by the fourth presenter from FamEvent, another event organizer. Our excitement was increased by the enthusiasm shown by the next presenter, All In One Travel Agency which offer traveling and diving services. After that, DMY Calendar Corporation Sdn Bhd, calendar manufacturer followed by wedding planner company, Yes I Do Wedding Planner & Co Ltd.


            Each company was creative and innovative but there were some criteria need to be improved. For our teamwork effort, each company was reward with some cash as starting fund. This will affect our company stock exchange too. Every single participant has learnt about team work, time management, and new ideas about business management and presentation skills.


Table a: Reward gained by each company


Company Name


Stock Exchange (RM)

Secret Admire



Craftra Sdn Bhd



All In One Travel Agency



DMY Calendar Corporation Sdn Bhd



Yes I Do Wedding Planner & Co Ltd



Fame Event



MultiVen Sdn Bhd




        After company presentation, we were going for company photo shoot session.  


The entire GEMS participant BPS06F have their first sport activities at 1st of May 6, 2012. Their first sport activities are explores. This activities start at 4 pm at that day. The participant have divide into 2 groups and try their best to win the explores. The entire group needs to finish the entire task that has given at the check point before they can proceed to next station. There have 6 station or check point that all the group need to do. The activities they need to finish it is make a Muslimah clothes using a newspaper, find a key, play a game “who want to be a millionaire”, find a bottle at swimming pool and finish all the mathematic quiz.

This explores purpose is to make all the gems participant know all the place around the Borneo paradise hotel such as mosque, swimming pool and computer lab. This activity also is for show all the participant to know how to have a good teamwork.

For the second day, all the participant have their second sport activities. The second activities are telematch. There have 4 activities for the telematch, that is using a balloon with full of water and throw away to the teammate, using a chopstick to bring a marbles, fill in a bottle with a water using a straw and the last is pass a marbles to the teammate using a ruler.

This telematch purpose is to make all the participant have a good teamwork, self discipline and a good strategy. The groups that win these two activities have been given the point for their group. All the participant have said that they enjoy all the game and they became more friendly with their group.