BPS Systems Ltd are registered installers of Paxton access equipment and systems. We off a wide variety of systems to suit your individual requirements. From straight forward keypad entry to state of the art wireless touch free entry systems.
Our staff are computer based system specialists who will provide training and support every step of the way.
Not only will we install your system but we will service, test and inspect it regularly to provide your with piece of mind.
The system we provide and install has a proven track record for over 22 years and is used in many NHS hspitals and even at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United Football Club.
Some of the benefits of the systems we offer are :-
  • Keyless entry
  • Monitoring of movement
  • Flexible access permissions
  • Stand alone units work in the event of power loss
  • Intruder alarm intergration
  • CCTV intergration
  • SMS/email messaging
  • Control of lighting and heating

Key features

  • PC based system
  • Central control of privileges
  • Manage 100s of doors, 10,000 users
  • Event reporting
  • Scaleable; add to systems easily
  • Integrate other building systems
  • Proximity, magstripe or keypads

Typical applications

  • Small/medium premises
  • Large corporate premises
  • Multiple-site premises
  • Government buildings
  • Universities
  • Sports clubs
  • Car parks
About - This reader allows any phone to be used as a Net2 token for access control. Typical uses include; opening gates/car park barriers, remote clocking in/out, securing communal entrances or infrequently visited sites, switching power on/off and remotely opening doors from anywhere. Like any other Paxton token, if the phone is lost or stolen it can be set to "No Access", "Lost" or simply deleted from the Net2 system.

Operation - When a user calls the Net2 Caller ID reader, it first receives the caller ID from the phone and passes the last 8 digits of your phone number to Net2 which accepts this as the token number. The SIM has a monthly cost for management of £1.80, however, no data charges are incurred as the caller ID is sent without making a full connection.

About - The energy saving reader is for use with Switch2 or Net2 systems. The reader is designed to retain a user"s PROXIMITY card. The reader is used to ensure that electrical equipment is only switched on when an authorised user card is inserted and retained. Ideal for use in hotel rooms to avoid lights being left on when guests leave the room. When used with Net2, the reader is multi format and can be used with a choice of access tokens including Mifare and EM4100.

Operation - A proximity card is placed into the reader. Its presence toggles a relay that allows connected equipment to be switched on. When the card is removed, the relay toggles back and turns the equipment off.

This reader is also used by large office blocks to control lighting whereby the responsible person removes the card prior to locking the building for the night. Saving time in walking to each floor to check the lights have been switched off.