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11 Kleidung - Clothes

In this unit you learn to talk about clothes.
  • Learn the vocabulary
  • Learn how to use adjectives in front of nouns and how to adjust for gender
  • Learn to combine clothes you need to wear in certain weather conditions
In the table of contents click on the topic you want to practice


Learn the vocabulary

  • Quizlet 1 - Learn the vocabulary
  • Spellmaster
  • Quia - Match the pictures and the words.
  • Learn the vocabulary with this game then play the memory game.
  • Play memory game. Listen to the words.
  • Dress the person correctly hier.
  • Der, die oder das?

How to say what you are wearing: Was trägst du?  - Was brauchst du?

Quizlet 2: Was trägst du? Was ist deine Lieblingskleidung?

Tinycards - progress from phrases to challenging sentences

Read a story: How do we use adjectives in front of nouns?

Can you find the grammar rule? Read the following story carefully:
Wo ist der Diamant?    A story about clothes and adjectives

How to describe what you are wearing using adjectives: Wie ist deine Kleidung?

You have learned that clothes are nouns and they come in 3 grammatical genders and some items are used in Plural Form.


Ich trage einen Rock, eine Bluse, ein Hemd und Schuhe.


Use the colours and adjectives you know already: for example ‘rot’


Now we are adding adjectives to the nouns:


Ich trage einen roten Rock,

           eine rote Bluse,

           ein rotes Hemd und

           rote Schuhe.


  • Cloze - Read the text carefully and choose the correct words.
  • Pack your suitcase with this game.
  • Cloze text 1 - put the sentence parts together --> scroll down and open game 'Wie ist die Kleidung'
  • Was trägst du? - Find the correct sentence, watch out for correct grammar.
  • Was trägst du? - Uncramble the Sentences, watch out for correct grammar.

How to say what you are wearing in different weather conditions

  1. Columns - Match the clothes with the weather conditions
  2. Cloze text 2 - challenging sentence parts which describe the clothes you wear and the weather conditions --> scroll down and open game 'Was trage ich in welchem Wetter'

Gabriele Odermatt,
Mar 26, 2014, 3:11 AM
Gabriele Odermatt,
Mar 26, 2014, 3:11 AM