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10 Das Wetter - The Weather

Watch the video for basic weather terms

Quizlet 1: This is the core vocabulary for this unit.

Quizlet 2: This is the extension vocabulary: how to say the temperature and more weather terms in sentences.


Download the vocabulary list as PowerPoint for this unit.

Read the Guidance Sheet: How is the weather today?

Practice the vocabulary and sentence structures

  • LO - Practice the weather terms here.
  • Practice the weather terms with these games:
  • Play memory with the words you just have learned. Klick hier
  • Learn the weather terms with these games on Quia.
  • Win bananas with this matching game.

    • Write as many sentences as you can. Use the words from this "Wordle.
    • LO - How well do you understand a German text? Read them here and answer the questions

    Read the Guidance Sheet: The weather forecast

    Apply the vocabulary: Das Wetter in Deutschland

    How is the weather in Germany today? - Describe the current weather as accurate as possible.  

    Understand the vocabulary and read a book about weather and more

    Julias Hobbys - a story about a girl's hobbies, animals and lots of weather terms

    Listen and understand weather terms

    Watch this video for additional weather terms, how many do you understand?