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10 Das Wetter - The Weather

Wie ist das Wetter dort?

Quizlet 1: This is the core vocabulary for this unit.

Quizlet 2: This is the extension vocabulary for this unit.


Download the vocabulary list as PowerPoint for this unit.


  1. LO - Learn the weather terms here.
  2. Practice the weather terms with these games:
  3. Play memory with the words you just have learned. Klick hier
  4. Can you answer the telephone? Type the weather terms in the speech bubble. Klick hier.
  5. Look at the pictures, then chose the right answers. Klick hier und hier.
  6. Learn the weather terms with these games on Quia.
  7. Match the pictures with the weather terms. Klick hier und hier.
  8. Play noughts and crosses with weather terms.
  9. Win bananas with this matching game.
  10. How about penalty shoot out with weather terms?
  11. How is the weather in Germany today? Look at the weather map
      1. The weather in Berlin?
      2. The weather in München?
      3. On the highest mountain station in Switzerland?
      4. In the Black Forest?
  12. Write as many sentences as you. Use the words from this "Wordle.
  13. Look at the weather and listen to the recordings on the discs. Choose the right discs to make your sentence. Hier.
  14. Look at the weather report and listen. Type the right words. Klick hier
  15. Read the letters and answer questions hier.


Julias Hobbys - a story about a girl's hobbies, animals and lots of weather terms